We have met some of the nicest people in the world because of this web-site, and have decided to put their pictures and a bit about them on this page.

Fred remembers buying gas at "Red Dan's" store in Whycocomagh many years ago from one of these old gas pumps, and searched for some time to find a gas pump that not too many of us ever saw pumping gas.

Yes, Fred restored it and if you are in the area, maybe, Fred will give you a "fill-up" at 1930's prices. (Just kidding, Fred)

Fred also restored this 1931 Ford Model A.

Fred and Marta have relatives and two more friends in the area. 
Imagine living in Whycocomagh,CB for over sixty years and find cousins living in Westmount,CB--about 70 miles away, that you never knew existed.  Well here is GARY and PAULA KENNEDY.
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Freds  __ birthday.
This is Mae with Calum and Sandra Ferguson from The Isle of Lewis.  Calum found our web site some time ago and sent a letter--entirely in GAELIC.

We had the letter translated and replied. This has led to "new" email friends that we correspond with on a regular basis, and was exciting to have them drop in.

Calum has written a book which is from personal experience and is a must for anyone interested in the "old" country...
"Children of the Black House" is the title and can be found at Amazon.com  UK                                                  '04
This is Thelma & Bud Loring of Cape Cod, Ma who spent the day--Oct 12/04 with us.Thelma is related on Nelson's Campbell side. '06
Hugh Beaton - Hawaii ,Mae & Nelson        '06
  Sandra & Calum Ferguson--Isle of Lewis
Sandy & Judy Morrison - Grand River Falls
                     Mae & Nelson                             '07
This is Jean & Preston MacDonald of Charlottetown,PEI who have become great friends of ours.
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"It's nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice."
                                                         -----  Author Unknown
Both Fred and Martha have passed away.  
Jean has passed away.  Preston is still going strong. 2016
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