Wayne Campbells Postcards
                    This is a picture of "Downtown Whycocomagh"

                      Picture was taken, probably, in the 1930's

Store on left belonged to "Whycocomagh Supply Co", owned by E.M Watling.

The building was used for storage for several years until Ian & Shirley MacKeigan bought the property and converted the building into "MacKeigans Pharmacy"--Later, Ian & Shirley moved the Pharmacy to another building attached and this section now houses "Argyle Crafts" and "Bow Bow Boutique"
Christena MacKeigan has her dog grooming business here.

In the center of the picture in another store owned by Angus MacLeod. After several years of vacancy the building was torn down.

Dougall MacLean tells me that the building on the right was "The Hiawatha Hotel"--later home to "The Myles'" 
This Picture is of a house belonging to John K. MacDonald--Merchant. His store was on the opposite side of the road and was later the Co-Op Store.The building burned and a new COOP was built .The house was later bought by Dr. & Mrs Watson Sodero,from Sydney who used it until their deaths. The Sodero family still own the house.
This mill was on the Roseburn Road, near the old Skye Mountain road.
I can remember been in this mill.The mill was owned by a Stanley Fraser, who just "up-an-left" one day.  
          Ever wonder why "Blues Mills" is called that?

Well there were "Blues" living here and I guess they had a mill powered by this water wheel. The mill was probably a lumber saw mill as was Frasers.
This is the "MacDonald Store" mentioned above--It was across the road from the house and at the top of the hill above the wharf.The building two basements--the lower one was used for storing animal pelts, the next for storing supplies, the main floor for general merchandise and the upper for clothing--mostly working clothinf.
This is the Bridge over what is now called Skye River. This bridge was about 100m below the Trans-Canada Highway. To the right was the "Red Bank"--famous for its gravel. Dougall MacLean told me-"Many's the load of pulpwood  I hauled across that bridge."--This was the main road between Sydney and Port Hawkesbury, until the Trans-Canada Highway was built.
                               The station still stands as a museum.
                   It is seen in the center of this picture behind the pole
The Church and convent are still as seen in this photo..Mabou--(Mab-oo) is just over the road from us.As is usual in rural areas everybody knows everybody else and, it seems like, one big community---Whycocomagh, Inverness, Port Hood, The Margarees and all points in between. 
Special thanks to Wayne Campbell of  East Lake Ainslie and Halifax for his contribution to this web site.  
This picture was taken from what is now "The Mountain Road".The Bay View Hotel is in the center and on the right is a blacksmith forge owned by Dan Matheson- He would be the late Edith Austins father--Grandfather to Nita Matthews and Brent Austin who still live nearby.
This is a picture of a store that 
belonged to MacKay Matheson.
Several pieces were added to the 
store and it became Jack MacIntyre's 
The store burned and Mr. MacIntyre 
rebuilt, a different style.
This store later burned and the lot is  
now the parking lot for tor 
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
which is just across the street.
Two pictures of a parade in 
          Inverness, CB

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