We are just starting this family - any information would be appreciated.

We have the marriage of John & Margaret and know the family as it exists today. There is much information that is missing in between,and this is what we are looking for.
From the grave stone at the Pioneer Cemetery on the Rankinville Road,Hillsborough, we have our start.
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This page was last updated: March 4, 2016
From the 1891 Census we have the family listed in alphabetical order:---

Dist:- Glen   ----House # 31

Smith - -Alfred Henery -------Male ------Age   5 ------son--
Smith ---Eliza M.    -------------Female --Age  10 -----dau.
Smith - James Granville-----Male ------Age   3 ------son
Smith - John J.-------------------Male ------Age  36 -----Head (of the family)
Smith - John Hugh ----------- -Male ------Age   7 -----son
Smith - Margaret ----------------Female - Age 30 -----wife
Smith - Willard D. ---------------Male ------Age  1 -----son
On the stone shown above we see the following:-
1888 - Jame  Granville  ---              1950
1883 - John Hugh ------------June 28 -1950  -  Angina- death certificate

Our Genealogy program states that Margaret Hamilton is the second cousin, twice removed to Nelson Poole
Margaret was a daughter of Hugh Hamilton, from East Lake Ainslie, who was a son of Catherine Campbell, a daughter of Edward Campbell.
From research done by Arlene Ragan and myself we have the following information.
John J. Smith was born in 1855, a son of John F. Smith 1812-1883 and Mary Jane Smith 19 Apr. 1817- 5 Dec. 1882

Besides John J.  John F. and Mary had children - Fraser,David and Willard

John F. was a son of David Smith and Agnes Lyle
Mary was a dau. of Isaac Smith 1780-1853 and Catherine Fraser

Margaret Hamilton   -------------------------------------------------John J.Smith
  b.  26 Jan.  1861   East Lake Ainslie, CBI.                        b.               1856
 m.  31 Mar.  1880   East Lake Ainslie, CBI   
 d.   15 Mar.  1939   Hillsborough, CBI.                                d.              1907  Hillsborough, CBI.
  1. Lizzie M Smith                b.       1881

  2. John Hugh Smith           b.  11 Jun. 1882         d.  25 Jun.  1950

  3.  Matilda Smith                 b.                1885
       Fred Johnston

  4.  Alfred Henry Smith        b.  10 Nov. 1885  -- May have lived in Sask. in 1952

  5.  James Granville Smith   b.. 9 Jan.1888    d.   1950

  6.  Willard David Smith        b.  27 Dec. 1889    
       Alice Todd

  7.  William Fred Paris Smith b.  21 Jul. 1892
       Elizabeth (Bessie) Amelia Waters

  8.  Collena May Smith           b. 11 Jan. 1894
       J.D. Griffen

  9.  Nathaniel Smith                b.  26 Jan. 1899
         (1)  Elizabeth Armstrong  
         (2)  Unknown MacKay

 10.  Margaret Jane Smith      b.  19 May 1901
        James J. Shaver

 11.  Garnet Hamilton Smith   b.  26 Jan.  1906   d.  1981
        Florence Philena (Lena) MacLean     b.  1918    d.  2009

          a. Bruce Smith  ----  Mary Smith
          b. Eileen Smith