The Mary Kennedy
I have been unable to find a "Ships' List" for "The Mary Kennedy" .But from various sources I have been able to find some records of passengers on "The Mary Kennedy"
From Whytes' Book Vol. # 1 I have found:-----
" # 7563  MACKINNON, ALEXANDER, ca 1819-5March 1887.  From Is Skye,INV.s/oMalcolm M,qv, and _________Campbell. To Charlottetown,PEI, on the MARY KENNEDY EX pORTREE, ARR 1 JUN 1829: STLD Uigg,Queens Co.
m Jessie MacDonald, ch: 1.Archibald; 2. Mary; 3. Angus; 4. Catherine; 5. Margaret;  6. Anne.
SPI 127"