Sandy Chisholm MacInnis
One of the famous Cape Breton Island Fiddlers
Sandy  was born in a humble home on Skye Mountain, Inv.Co.CBI, near Whycocomagh, CBI.
He was the youngest and last surviving member  of the family of Annie MacLellan and Dan C. MacInnis.

At an early age Annie was left to raise the family of ten all by herself.  The family survived and Sandy became the most famous with his talent with the Cape Breton Fiddle.
Sandy Chisholm MacInnis--------------------------------------------------Isabel MacInnis

b.  26 July 1919 - Skye Mountain, Inv. Co.                                   b.  23 Dec. 1921
d.  19 May 2001 - Sydney, CBRM                                                 d.
Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Burial in Lime Hill Cemetery, Lime Hill Inv.Co.CBI.

Their Family:

              1.  Wilma MacInnis
              2.  Gregory MacInnis 
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