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MacKinnon Tartan
This picture from Frances Chisholm
This picture from Shelley Mulhern
Peter MacKinnon was born in Bearnesdale,Isle of Skye,Scotland in 1837. He was a son of Malcolm MacKinnon  and Flora MacLead. Grandson of  Lauchlan MacKinnon and Anne MacDonald, the oldest of this family to emigrate to  Cape Breton Island.

He emigrated to Cape Breton Island, with the rest of his family, in 1840. As far as we know the family came on THE NITH, landed at Sydney, Cape Breton Island and from there travelled, possibly by boat, to Whycocomagh. The family spent the first winter with Ewan MacKinnon, and his family in Ainslie Glen, CBI. and in the spring, father Malcolm bought a farm in Dunakym.

When Malcolm died the farm was left to Peter and Angus. This did not work out, so Peter moved to another farm a few miles away.

The brothers were always friends and helped each other, with their farms, whenever needed.

Peter taught school, in nearby, Port Hood and Port Hood Island, for a few years.

The family belonged to the Church of Scotland, later the Presbyterian Church and in 1925 The United Church of Canada. Peter was an Elder in the Church and often took part in the Church Service.

We have no record of birth, as he was born in Scotland, however, his death certificate shows he died in Dunakin, CBI, on 25 Jan. 1933, at home.  No reason for death is listed, and no doctor in attendance. It is assumed that his body just worn out, from hard work.

Catherine (MacQuein) MacQueen was a daughter of John MacQueen and Mary MacQueen.

The MacQueens lived near the road to Rosedale, CBI. - a few miles from the MacKinnons.
Picture from Frances Chisholm
A copy of their marriage is on-line at Nova Scotis Archives and shows the following:

Marriage listed in Book 1825, Page 13 Number 61  Year 1867

15 January 1867 - New Canada  -- Peter MacKinnon -  Age 29 -  Bachelor - Farmer - New Canada
By Licence, Presbyterian              Ann McQueen      -  Age 22 -  Spinster                   New Canada

His parents - Malcolm and Flora MacKinnon - Farmer - 
Her parents - John and Mary MacQueen         Farmer

Attendants ----  Don MacQueen and Peter MacKinnon

Clergyman -  Rev. William Sinclair

1901 Census  the MacKinnon family can be found in Glencoe Section, and are listed as follows:

Line 37 - House 145 - McKinnon, Peter     -    Male -     Head -  Apr 30,  1837 - age 63
Line 38 - House 145 - McKinnon,Catherine-   Female - Wife -   Dec.28, 1846 - age 54
Line 39 - House 145 - McKinnon, Malcolm J. Male       Son                   1868 - age 33
Line 40 - House 145 - McKinnon, John L.       Male      Son                   1870 - age 31
Line 41 - House 145 - McKinnon, Hugh J.      Male       Son                   1875 - age 25
Line 42 - House 145 - McKinnon, Mary B.      Female   Dau.     Apr. 2    1876 - age 24
Line 43 - House 145 - McKinnon, Flora         Female   Dau.                   1879 - age 22    
Line 44 - House 145 - McKinnon, Rachael    Female    Dau.                  1881 - age 20
Line 45 - House 145 - McKinnon, Katie S.     Female   Dau.                  1883 - age 18
1911 Census the MacKinnon family can be found in Whycocomagh District / 21

Line 1    House 1    McKinnon, Peter         Male      Head      May 1838        age 73
Line 2    House 1    McKinnon, Catherine  Female  Wife       Dec 1845        age 65
Line 3    House 1    McKinnon, Hugh         Male      Son        Jun  1880        age 30
Line 4    House 1    McKinnon, Rachael    Female  Dau        Jan  1886        age 25

In this Census Hugh and Rachaels dates of birth seem to be different than 1901 Census
Contact me if you have more input / updates to this family. 

1871 Census the MacQueen family can be found in WHYCOCOMAGH  Polling Station #12

                                                                                                                          ( DOB. )

McQueen, John               age 72      b. Scotland    Presbyterian        Farmer     ca. 1799
McQueen, Mary               age 60      b. Scotland    Presbyterian                        ca.  1811
McQueen, Donald           age 37      b. Scotland    Presbyterian        Farmer     ca.  1834 
McQueen, Roderick        age 22      b. Scotland    Presbyterian        Farmer     ca.  1849
McQueen, Ann                age 26      b. Scotland    Presbyterian                        ca.  1845

1881 Census the MacQueen family can be found in WHYCOCOMAGH   Polling Station # 12

                                                                                                                                ( DOB.)

McQueen, Donald           age 47       b. Scotland   Presbyterian         Farmer      ca. 1834
McQueen, Catherine      age  26       b. Scotland   Presbyterian                          ca. 1855

This seems to be Donald - his wife was Catherine. Surname unknown at this time.
I can find no record of marriage, either in the MacLean Church Records or at NovaScotiaGenealogy.
MacQueen Tartan
Pictures of Peter & Catherine from Willa Lane
1881 Census the MacKinnon family can be found in Glencoe District, and are listed as follows.

Line  4  House # 39   -   1----   McKinnon,  Peter  ------ Male ------ -age 43
Line  5  House # 39   -   2       McKinnon, Catherine   Female    age 38  
Line  6  House # 39       3       McKinnon, Malcolm     Male         age 13
Line  7  House # 39       4       McKinnon,  John L.      Male         age 11
Line  8  House # 39       5       McKinnon, Mary Ann    Female     age  9
Line  9  House # 39       6       McKinnon, Ann M.        Female     age  7
Line 10 House # 39       7       McKinnon, Even           Male         age  5
Line 11 House # 39       8       McKinnon, Mary B.       Female     age  4   
Line 12 House # 39       9       McKinnon, Flora          Female      age  2
Line 12 House # 39      10      McKinnon, Rachel        Female     age  1

I spent a lot of time looking for Hugh - he should be listed--I figured, then I notied Even (Ewen) the Scottish name fior Hugh.
1891 Census the MacKinnon family can be found in Whycocomagh District, and are listed as follows.

House # 97     1      McKinnon,  Peter           M        age   52    Farmer
House # 97     2      McKinnon,  F. Ann          F        age   46
House # 97     3      McKinnon,  Malcolm      M        age  23    Farmer
House # 97     4      McKinnon,  John M.       M        age  22
House # 97     5      Mckinnon,  M. Ann          F        age  19
House # 97     6      Mckinnon,  A. Margare   F        age  17 
House # 97     7      McKinnon,  Eleason       M        age  15 ----   This was Hugh - how this came out like this ??
House # 97     8      McKinnon,  Mary             F       age  15
House # 97     9      McKinnon,  Flora            F        age 12
House # 97    10     McKinnon,  Rachael        F       age 10
House # 97    11     McKinnon,  Kate Sarah   F        age  8

It was difficult to find the family. They were not listed in order, rather alphabetically. Catherine became F. Ann,  Hugh became Eleason,
1891 Census I found the following:

McQuien, Donald           age 58
McQuien,Catherine        age 38
McQuien, C. Ann            age   9
McQuien, M. Sarah        age   8
McQuien, J. Roderick     age  5
McQuien, M. Catherine  age   4
McQuien, Lexix (e)        age  6/12

I  do not knmow if this is the  right family. I have records for 1901 and 1911 Census  Donald does not  appear in the 1911 Census and Catherine is listed as a widow.

I can fiind no records of birth, marriage or death for any of this family. The MacLean Church records should have the family listed but to no avail. 

Making things more difficult, is the fact that there are  no records of Donald and Catherine in Stewartdale Cemetery, which, should be their burial place.
Peter MacKinnon  ------------------------------------------------------Catherine (Kate Ann) MacQueen
Their Children
1.   Malcolm Peter MacKinnon
2.   John Q. MacKinnon
3.   Mary Anne MacKinnon
4.   Anne Margaret MacKinnon
5.   Hugh MacKinnon
6.   Mary MacKinnon
7.   Flora MacKinnon
8.   Rachael MacKinnon
9.   Catherine Sarah MacKinnon
1.  Malcolm Peter MacKinnon   --------------------------------------------  Margaret Gillis
       b.   7 March 1868  Dunakym,Inv.Co.CBI                              b.
       d.                                                                                        d.   

There is no record of Malcolm and Margaret. They were reported to be living in Dawson City,NWT   
There is no records for who Margaret✧s parents were, or vital stats.
The birth date for Malcolm was taken from the MacLean Church records. They do not agree with the census records, however we are using the Church records.

The 1901 Census shows Malcolm as still living at home, age 33. It would be after this that he and Margaret got married.

In the 1911 Census for Dawson City, Yukon Territory, shows a Malcolm MacKinnon age 35 born in Nova Scotia. No mention of Margaret.
2.  John Q. MacKinnon ----------------------------------------------------------Ruth Cecilia Walker
      b.   15 July 1869                                                                   b.  12 Apr.1876--(1901) Census
      d.               1940                                                                   d.
When baptised, at MacLean Church he was named John - no second name - In the school, there were several Johns so the teacher gave each John an initial, to distinguish the Johns in class. This John was given the initial  Q.--(True story)

1901 Census shows John,Ruth and George as living in BC. Yale & Cariboo - Kootenay West,Revelstoke.
The Census shows John as a merchant. The family was listed as Presbyterian. They lived at 22 1st Street Revelstoke,BC.

1911 Census shows John,Ruth,,George,  Ruth, Robt. J and Peter.  We had John, however he was known as Robt. in 1911 Census. The Census shows John as a merchant and living at 22 1st Street Revelstoke,BC

        Their Children:

         a.  George Ernest MacKinnon
         b.  Ruth Catherine MacKinnon
         c.  John MacKinnon   -----May 1903 ---
         d.  Peter Everett Q. MacKinnon  
a.  George Ernest MacKinnon  -----------------------------------------Willa Sarah Hughes
      b.  24 June 1900                                                               b.          1899
     d.                1966                                                               d.          1991
Their Children:

       1.  Willa Catherine MacKinnon 
       2.  George Ernest Mackinnon      
1.  Willa Catherine MacKinnon  --------------------------William George Lane
      b.                                                                      b.
      d.                                                                      d. 
Their Children:

a.  Stuart Lane
b.  Gillian Marjorie Lane
c.  Alexandra Catherine MacKinnon
d.  William Gregory Andrew Lane
2.. George Ernest MacKinnon
        b.    1930
        d.    1993
b.   Ruth Catherine MacKinnon   ------   W. H. Sutherland
         b.    Sept.  1901                                b.
        d.               1978                                d.
    Their Children:

    1.   Shirley Anne MacKinnon  --------  Alex Melzak 
     Their Children;

       a.  Catherine Alexandra Melzak
       b.  Adam Melzak
c.   John MacKinnon
        b.      May 1903
d.   Peter Everet Q. MacKinnon (Major.)    ----------    Katherine Louise Steele
        b.            1909                                                       b.
        d.            1996                                                       d.
Their Children:

1.  Ruth  Ellen MacKinnon
2.  Susan MacKinnon
1.  Ruth Ellen MacKinnon   -----------    Richard Grimsdale
       b.                                                    b.
       d.                                                    d. 
Their Children:

a.   Jennifer MacKinnon
b.   Claire MacKinnon
c.   Esther MacKinnon
3.  Mary Anne MacKinnon      ----------     Charles Mulhern

        We have a seperate page for the Mulhern Family

4.  Anne Margaret MacKinnon    ----------   Donald MacKinnon
       b.           1873                                         b.
       d.                                                           d.
Their Children:

a.   Rhoda Anne MacKinnon
b.   Grace MacKinnon
c.   David MacKinnon
5.   Hugh MacKinnon
        b. 22 May 1875
6.  Mary MacKinnon   ---------    Archibald MacDonald
        b.  22 May 1877                     b.
        d.                                           d. 

Their Children
a.  Rachel Bell MacDonald
b.  Peter Hugh MacDonald
c.  Sadie MacDonald
d.  Christie MacDonald
e.  Catherine MacDonald
f.   John MacDonald
7.  Flora MacKinnon   ------          Robert Fetridge
       b.  14 Oct. 1878                         b.
      d.                                               d. 
8.   Rachal MacKinnon
        b.  14  Oct.  1879
        d.                1930 
She was unmarried.
9.  Catherine Sarah MacKinnon    -------       Harding Hay Harris
         b.  11 June  1881  - Dunakym,Inv.Co.      b. 24 May 1884
        m.  27 Sept.  1908---Sydney,CBI.
         d.                                                           d. 26 Jan. 1959 

Both were listed at age 25 at time of marriage. - He was listed as a merchant. He was a salesman with Canada Packers Ltd. He was listed as been from Canard,NS- His parents were listed as Arthur ( 10 May 1857) & Emma (20 May 1861) - Her parents were listed as Peter & Catherine.

Witnesses were Jonathan G. MacKinnon & Mary B. MacQueen.
The minister was  Rev. Norman MacQueen, Presbyterian Church

Hay used to fish for trout in the Skye River, Whycocomagh, CBI. He always used to use minnow for bait. I remember going with him and holding the net. He would always catch a two to three pound trout. When he caught his second he always left. ∢Got to leave some for someone else∢ 
he would say.
Their Children
a.  Emaline Harris
b.  Catherine Kaye Harris
c.   Arthur  Hugh Harris
a.  Emaline Harris    -----------      Lewis Payne
        b.                                        b.
        d.                                        d.  
Their Child
1.  Anne Payne     ----------------           _________________
Their Children
b.  Catherine Kaye Harris          ------------         Andrew Chisholm
         b.                                                             b.
         d.                                                              d.
Their Child:
1.  Frances Chisholm       -------------------                         Murtha

Their Children:
a.  Scott Murtha
b.  Tommy Murtha
c.  Catherine Murtha
c.  Arthur Hugh Harris---

See Arthur Hugh Harris page
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1.  Hugh MacKinnon--Church baptism records show Evan--perhaps should be Ewan--Gaelic for Hugh.
                                  Hughie stayed on the old farm after the rest of the family moved away--He was the rural mail                                              driver, by horse & buggy/sleigh for many years --I heard it said that the horse knew                                                             the route as well as Hughie and while Hughie was sorting the mail for the next                                                                    mail box the horse would walk right up to the mail box without Hughie driving                                                                    him.

                                   Hughie never married.  

                                  In the summer the family would return to visit and, no doubt, help Hughie with the                                                             "making  the hay". and other "chores"

   David Mulhern had this to tell us about Hughie

                                "My Uncle Charles (known as "Pat" despite not been named Patrick!) thinks he might   
                                  possibly recall you from those summers,probably summers in the late 1940's. in his case.
                             .    They both have fond memories of going up there, working on the farm with Uncle Hughie"
                                  "Hughie's blindness, to which you refer to, did not  come on until later in life; and was a result of                                       glaucoma . His blindness did not strike him until later in his 60's or possibly even after 70"

                                  "I have, hanging in my  house a horseshoe that I picked up on the farm, which I imagine to be                                           from one of the horses he used to deliver the mail. "
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2.  Flora MacKinnon---In 1953 the "Old" MacLean Church was dedecorated and former parishoneers "from away"
     Fetridge                were asked to help financially.  From the old records I found 

                                   "Donation: Mrs Florence Fetridge,Seattle,Wash, for church repairs---$ 546.44" 
                                    An unbelievable amount in those days. The donation was probably $ 500.00 and the exchange                                      made up the  difference.

                                   This, indeed, shows the devotion and respect she had for her "old" church

"To the extent family anecdotes are of interest, I have 3 quick family memories about Flora:"

 1-----Flora and my great grand mother regularly travelled from the west coast to Cape Breton, via New                  England. They would visit my father and mother along withmy grandfather at that time.Flora was                   somewhat quiet, but always enjoyed visiting my family and is still remembered for her lively sense of            humor."

 2.----I have all my life heard a great family story about Flora on a trolley in Boston. The Boston area is                  obviously heavily Irish. Flora was riding along quietly listening to some young women speaking Irish             Gaelic to one another. Evidently Scots Gaelic (Flora's 1 st language and native tongue) and Irish Gaelic         are quite similar, so (without their knowing it) Flora understood the Irish girls, and overheard them                 passing a rude remart about Flora's red hair! As Flora exited the trolley, Flora quietly wished the Irish            girls "Good Day"---in Gaelic! (Good for you Flora--don't take any abuse from them!)"   
Emaline,Mary Ann, Catherine and Arthur
    Just  before Arthur  going oversea.
Hugh, Mary Anne and Catherine
Florence, Catherine, Hay Harris and Mary Ann
June 01/11
a.  Scott Murtha -----------------Elma Ong
     b.                                    b.
    m. 7 Oct. 2006  Vancouver,BC.
     d.                                    d.  
Their Children:

     1.  Declan Murtha
     2.  Shae Murtha