Our family, POOLE, originated on the Isle of Man, England

William Poole----------------------------Hannah  Poole.
Our ancestors lived in Uverston-- Arthur Douglas Poole was baptised in the Parish
of Braddan St Barnabas Church, on 18 July 1869. The Baptism Certificate is in the possession of the family.
1. Arthur Douglas Poole ---- Margaret Sarah Campbell -(see Campbell)
.Graduated from Sydney Academy--taught school for several years before getting married.
          a. Edward Douglas Poole, B.Com-.MT.A------ Patricia Claire Archibald. RN. VG.Hosp.
                b. 4 May     1934                                         b. 19  Dec.  1935
                m. Sept.     1957
                d. 10 March 2003                                       d.  13 March 2005  
a/. Elsie Mae Poole----(1) John Daly
                                       a.  Lloyd Daly

                                 (2) Austin K. McLean  (see McLean)--Sadie MacAulay
                                                                                            Loch Lomond, C.B.
                                      a.  Justin K. McLean--Helen Shearer
                                           1.  John McLean --
                                           2.  James (Jimmy) Dennis McLean  
                                           3.  Mark McLean
                                           4.  Laurel McLean---
                                       b.  Sherwood Donald McLean--Norma Lewis
                                            1. Craig McLean--
                                            2.  Russel McLean
                                            3.  Keith McLean
                                       c.  LLoyd Harold McLean-- Ruth Shirley Dyan
                                            1.  Lloyd McLean
                                            2.  David McLean 
                                            3.  Nancy McLean
                                            4.  William McLean
                                       d.  Patricia Ann McLean--Earl James Dickey
                                            1.  Thomas Earl Dickey
                                            2.  Pamela Ann Dickey
                                       e.  Joan Merlyn McLean--Louis Zanchi  

b/  Arthur Sidney Poole ---  Florence

                          Mary Poole---Roy Greenwood (see Greenwood)

c/  Edward William Poole---------------Kathryn Florence MacLellan ( see MacLellan)

1.    Daniel Edward Poole--- Krista Campbell
1.  Rebecca Poole
2.  Christopher Poole
2. Nancy Poole------------------- ----------Ian Wright
3. Darren Poole--------------------------- Caire Touche
     a. Evelyn Poole
b.. Lloyd NELSON Poole------------Jessie MAE MacIntosh (See MacIntosh)
1.Catherine Deborah Poole-----Murdoch SHELDON MacInnis
A. Jeffrey Clark MacInnis
B. Justina Mae MacInnis
C. Jolene  MacInnis
D. Jesse MacInnis
2. William KEITH Poole------- Lynn Livingstone
                     A. Wade David Poole 
3. Brian Nelson Poole---------Angela MacLeod
4. Kelly Ann Poole---------Curtis MacLennan
c. Margaret Ann Poole-----Ranald MacDonald
1. Timothy Alexander MacDonald ----------Isabelle Marie Micheline Demers

(Danny & Krista live in Bible Hill, N.S.)
(Nancy & Ian live in Truro, N.S.)
(Darren & Claire live in Ottawa, Ont.
(We live in Whycocomagh, C.B.)
(Cathy & Sheldon live in Whycocomagh, N.S.)
(Keith, Lynn & Wade live in Kensington,PEI )
(Brian & Angela live in Iron Mines, C.B.
(Kelly , Curtis, Shelby & Brody
 live in Fort St. John, B.C.)
Operated his own sawmill 
from age 16. 
18 Apr.  1905
14 Jan.  1990           
19 Apr 1906
Flag of Isle of Man
a.  Shelby Richard MacLennan    .
b.  Brody Nelson MacLennan
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Hannah Poole
Check below  for pictures that we would like to have ID'd
Boy and Girl.
Horse and two men
Back of card with horse and two men
Signature looks like "Grace"
This is of Ulverston.
   Date unknown
Any help identifying these photos would be  appreciated.
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More pictures on Poole of England
St Barnabas Church
Douglas,Isle of Man

From the 1911 Census--Nova Scotia--Inverness--Whycocomagh South--Page 6 -- lines 17--22 incl.

17---Campbell, Edward-Head--------------widow---Jun. 1831---80
18---Poole, Arthur D.     Son-in Law ---married--May 1870---41
19---Poole,Margaret      Daughter-------married--Apr. 1870---41
20---Poole,Arthur S.      Son ---------------single----Feb. 1897---14
21---Poole,Elsie M.        Daughter--------single----Jan. 1900---11 
22---Poole,Edward W.   Son---------------single-----Apr. 1905--- 5  

The Baptism Certificate for Arthur D.--states he was Baptised in 1869.--He emigrated from England.
Arthur S.--went by the name Sidney.--Should be listed as Grandson.
Elsie was born in Melrose,Ma---should be listed as Granddaughter.
We can assume Sidney was born there as well.
Edward W. (Eddie) was born on Cape Breton Island.--He should be listed as Grandson.

Margaret was baptised as "Sarah Margaret" - but was always called "Maggie".

Edward Campbell's full history can be found on our "Campbell"pages.

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See below for
Arthur's arrival in
From www. Ancestry.com we got this information:

Name:                  Arthur D. Poole
Arrival Date:         21 Jan. 1893
Age:                     24
Estimated Birth:   abt. 1869
Gender:                Male
Port of Departure: Liverpool,England and Queenstown,Ireland 
Ship Name:          Cephalonia
Port of Arrival:      Boston, Massachusetts
Last Residence:    England 

From: www.theshipslist.com  we got this:


The CELHALONIA was a 5,517 gross ton ship, built by Laird Bros, Birkenhead in 1882 for the Cunard SS Co. Her details were - length 430.6ft x beam 46.5ft, one funnel, three masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. There was passenger acco9modation for 200-1st and 1,500- 3rd class. Launched on 20 th May 1882, she sailed from Liverpool on 23 Aug 1882 on her maiden voyage to Queenstown (Cobh) and Boston. She started her last voyage on this service on 12 Sept. 1899 and then made two voyages as a Boer War transport. Sold to Chinese Eastern Railway in 1900 and renamed HAILOR, she was sunk as a blockship at Port Arthur in 1904 [ North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol. 1,p.153}"

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Poole of England
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Cape Breton Island
5 May 1962
2.Tara MacDonald  ---------------------Bradley Ian Davies Partington
a.  Sacha Alexandre MacDonald
b.  Emile Charlotte MacDonald
c.  Maxime Olivier MacDonald
a.  Ewan Alexander Partington
b.  Callum Edward Partington.