Old Whycocomagh Pictures
Some of these pictures are from the Nova Scotia Archives site. We have permission to use here and would  ask that all persons give credit to the Archives.

The pictures were taken by Sarah Dennis and  W.R. MacAskill their names are on the photos.

I will  be providing names of places pictures were taken and what buildings were in the pictures. My hope is to go back to these spots and take pictures at the present time

Hope you enjoy.

This pictures was taken from where Cathy & Sheldon MacInnis' house now stands.

As kids we used to slide down this hill, only partly shown, on sleds or pieces of cardboard. Many times we had parties at night on this hill. 

From the left.

This pictures was taken after 1925 - the Presbyterian Church is in the picture.

Hardly visible is the Old Red School - to the left of the Presbyterian Church.

Depth perception is entering into this picture. The Square building, to the right of the Church is a store. Jack MacIntyre owned this store in later times , not sure if he owned it at this time. 

Next is the back side of the original Royal Bank of Canada. Pieces were added to this building to accomidate a need for more room. This was later turned into a store that was owned by a Harvey MacDonald then a Mr. Nearing, then a printing shop owned by Donald MacKinnon, then by Maritime Tel. & Tel. as an office and storage place.

Through the trees can be seen the Johnson House, now owned by the Campbell Family.

The barn was owned by the MacIntyre Family and right behind the barn is the MacIntyre house that burned. The present house was built by Jack MacIntyre to replace the one that burned.

To  the right of MacIntyres is the present Masonic Lodge.

To the extreme left is a house owned by Angus MacLeod, merchant in the village, who also had a small farm.

The next house was owned by Manton & Lillian Austin. The property now  is a tourist meca.

Directly behind the Austin house, to the right,is Angus MacLeod's barn.

The next building is the United Church Manse and then the Stewart United Church.

This pictures was taken on the Angus MacLeod propeerty. The property is now owned by Ian & Shirley MacKeigan.
This pictutre was taken, at about  where , Laddie & Arnold Matheson have their home, looking across to Waycobah.
This picture was taken from a boat, below the Provincial Park, with a view of the village.
This is a picture of Elm Trees, taken, I believe in the area of the Skye River Bridge, on the 105 Highway. There were many Elm trees in this area, at one time.
From the top of Salt Mountain. Indian Island is in the foreground.
From the top of Salt Mountain              looking NorthWest
         From the top of Salt Mountain -
 looking South - Sheep Island in foreground
Indian Island -From the  present "Lower Park"
McKinnon's Brook - in , what is now, 
         The Provincial Park
Looking across to Waycobah,  
  from the Provincial Park
Thos picture was taken from , what is now, 
     The FairIsle Motel - looking South
This picture was taken , from what is now, 
     The FairIsle Motel, looking West
Picture taken from what is now the 
               "Lower Park".
Indian Island from "The Lower Park".
Mrs Julia MacLeod - West Alba, at her spinning wheel
McKinnon's Brook -
Whycocomagh Bay, Indian Island from MacLeod's Field. 
The Old Pulpit - from where open air Church Services were preached. 
Site of Maclean Church, Stewartdale.
Looking west from top of Salt Mountain
The Falls
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Schooner at "The Wharf"
             Whycocomagh Basin,  1920
This picture was taken where the School is now
Before the Trans Canada Highway, this was one of the main intersections on the Route 5, between Port Hastings and Sydney.
Located in front of  Stewart United Church
Original Royal Bank building from the front.Rear side can be seen above.
A few years ago I bought this postcard of Whycocomagh 1907, on Ebay.

I started at the beach at the park and followed the shore line up to the Presbyterian Church, and could not identify the place it was taken from.

I was driving through Waycobah the other day and there was the picture across the Bay.

It would appear that the Bay was a lot smaller in 1907 than it is today. There is also the possibility that the Indian Island could have been connected to the "mainland".

In the old picture can be seen the house belonging to John K. MacDonald - now the Sodero Family.

Also note the Elm trees growing where there is water now.