Old Family Photos
Thanks to Ian & Nancy for finding these pictures and sending them on to us.

Some of these I have identified and others I do not know who they are. Any help appreciated.
Front   -- Nelson Poole    ----   Lorraine (Kelly)  Engler

Center - Katheryn F. (MacLellan)  Eddie W. Poole

Back  ---Flora Ann (MacKinnon) MacLellan - Katherine M. (MacLeod) Kelly - Minnie MacLeod - Margaret Sarah (Campbell) Poole - Catherine (Ferguson) MacLellan - Arthur D. Poole - John MacLellan - Arthur Kelly - Donald MacKinnon
This picture was taken at Dunakym,Cape Breton Island. Malcolm MacKinnon (emg. 1845 - Isle of Skye,Scotland) was the first MacKinnon to live here and later his son Angus MacKinnon (emg. 1845 - Isle of Skye, Scotland) and still later  Angus' daughter,Flora Ann,  and her husband Neil A. MacLellan and later their son, John in picture, and at present Kendra MacKenzie.

This picture was taken about 1944. Only Lorraine and Nelson are still living -(2009)

Flora Ann was a daughter of Angus MacKinnon and Catherine Gillies.Catherine was from Skye Glen,CBI.   Her brother Donald is on the far right. He owned a print shop in Sydney and later Whycocomagh,CBI.
Katherine MacLeod was a daughter of Flora MacKinnon and Donald MacLeod. She was a grand daughter of Angus and Catherine.  Minnie MacLeod was a sister to Katherine and worked in Sydney. She was killed in a car accident near Antigonish,NS in the early 1970's.
Margaret Sarah (Campbell) Poole was a daughter of Edward & Catherine Campbell of Iron MInes,CBI. Catherine (Ferguson) MacLellan was a daughter of George Ferguson and Murdena MacDonald of Kewstoke,CBI. and wife of John MacLellan.
No information on Arthur Kelly.


Please bear with us. --Any suggestions ?????
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We don't know where or when this picture was taken. Some are known and others, although, looking familiar, are not known.

In front is Kathryn (MacLellan) Poole - Edward & Nelson.
In the center - Arthur D. Poole and two men that we cannot identify.
Back row, the man and first two women are unknown , thats Maggie (Campbell)  Poole on the far right.
This picture was taken at the Campbell farm, in Iron MInes,CBI.

Front- Eddie Poole, Edward Campbell and Arthur D. Poole
Back - Elsie (Poole,Daly) McLean,  Margaret Sarah ((Maggie)) (Campbell)  and two ladies that we cannot identify.
This picture was taken near the Skye River, in Whycocomagh,CBI under an Elm tree.

Front ---  Joan (McLean) Zanchi   -  Nelson Poole
Center    Kathryn (MacLellan) Poole -  kneeling
Center - Elsie (Poole,Daly) McLean -  Pat (McLean) Dickie
Back - Arthur D. Poole - Margaret (Maggie) (Campbell) Poole  Flora Ann (MacKinnon) MacLellan
This pictures was taken near the Skye River,in Whycocomagh,CBI - again under the Elm tree.

Front   ---  Joan (McLean) Zanchi   ---  Nelson Poole
Back   ---- Austen K. McLean - Pat (McLean) Dickie - Elsie McLean - Edward Poole - Flora A. MacLellan - Margaret (Maggie) Poole - Arthur D. Poole

Picture was taken about 1945
This picture was taken about 1944 at the Stewartdale Cemetery.

Eddie Poole, Edward and Nelson

Picture taken about 1945 at the farm in Dunakym,CBI.

The truck was a 1941 Ford two ton.

Front --  Ian MacKeigan   -- Nelson Poole

Back  --  Florence MacKeigan  -  Martha (Fraser) MacMillan - Catherine MacKeigan.
This picture was taken on the Cameron Road, Iron Mines at 
Duncan & Ella Cameron's house,probably about 1934-35

From the left:
Lawrence Cameron -his mother Ella, daughter Anna, Kathryn Poole with Edward, 
Mary MacLean,Margaret (Maggie) Poole and Arthur D. Poole
Picture taken at Whycocomagh. House in the background was a house owned by Malcolm Matheson. That house was torn down and J.P. & Viola MacInnis built a home on the lot, where this house stood. The house on this lot , is still standing and is owned by MacKays.
This pictures was taken about 1936
From the left -  Eddie, Katheryn and Edward Poole- Margaret ,(Maggie) Poole - Unknown lady - Elsie Poole (?) - Mary MacKinnon -(?) Mary MacLean and Flora A. MacLellan.

It is unknown when this picture was taken, but it was taken at "Poole's Pond",
at the farm in Iron MInes,CBI.

The two older people were Arthur D. Poole and Margaret (Maggie), it is unknown who the younger girls are.
A field of Daisys at the farm in Iron Mines. No date for this one, but the older couple are Arthur and Maggie Poole - unknown who the other two are.
Part of Pooles Pond in the background.
Edward Campbell in the front.
Back is Sidney Poole, enlisted in WW1, Margarte (Maggie) unknown two some and Arthur D. Poole
I'd call this picture "The Scenic Drive off Skye Mountain."
That's the Whycocomagh Bay in the background.

In the 1940's - 50's and 60's the Mercey Paper Company from Liverpool,NS. bought pulpwood from locals. In the summer time  pulp from all around was hauled by truck to a "boom" on, what is now, the first nation.
This road came off Skye Mountian and exited near, the "boom" .

The road was so steep, in places, that the trucks would spin out trying to get up. Another, longer troad, was used for going up the mountain.
This picture was taken about 1950-51.

This is a load of spruce logs going to Eddie Poole's  mill to be sawn into lumber. When sawn this load would probably yield about 2000 Bd.Ft. of lumber. Lumber at that time would gross him about $ 50.00 a thousand Bd.Ft. Today this load, when sawn, would gross about $ 4,000.00

Here we see Morrison Smith, Nelson Poole and Margaret Ann (Poole) MacDonald
In 1959, Edward  bought a new Chevrolet truck, shown here. The truck, new, cost $5,000.00

He used the truck hauling logs, pulpwood, gravel and pavement. The truck was used on the Trans Canada Highway , which went through the area at that time.

In the fall of 1960 - work was "slack" and it was decided to try selling a truck load of Christmas trees in Framingham,Ma. This is the load that Edward and I took to Framingham.

When we delivered the trees in Framingham we grossed $ 1.00 per tree - 638 trees on the load.  --  Oh well, it was a nice drive.