This Picture is of Baddeck, C.B.
    Taken from "Bethunes Corner" We know before 1939
Farming was so much "fun"  back then------Truck wagon-wooden wheels with steel bands--a ride on one of those and you would find out what they meant when they said "as rough as a truck wagon"
It is believed that the lady on the load of hay was Catherine (Ferguson)MacLellan.
We are not sure when this picture was taken, but we're working on it.

The picture was taken at John Archie Fergusons house in Kewstoke.The property is now owned by Sam Pearo.

The person on the right is Donald Ferguson, father of John Archie, next is Donald John MacDonald.The man in the center is Sandy Ferguson.

Other names will be added as ids are made.
This picture is another of a woodmill at John MacLellan's in Dunakym,CB
We are trying to identify people in the picture.
The fellow on the left is Peter Alex Ferguson
Old pictures of the
     Cabot Trail
Eddie Pooles Saw Mill  early 1940's
Sydney Steel Plant
St Josephs Hospital
 Glace Bay, CB
Park Street--Sydney,CB
      Date unknown
North Sydney,CB
From "The Pier"
Maple Hills School
Herbert L. Ferry of Hinsdale,MA had this to say about this picture.

"In the Old Picture Section of your web site. The second picture labled Bethunes Corner in Baddeck.On the right hand side, the gas pumps are in front of Bethunes Garage. Just beyond the gas pumps is what at one time a Congregational Church. This building was later sold to Mrs. Bell--(Alexander Graham Bells wife, I assume). It was renamed Gertrude Hall and became the Baddeck Public Library. My GrandmotherJessi Catherine MacLeod Fraser was the Librarian. Her and my Grandfather Hector Young Fraser lived and raised their family in the house just beyond the Library. The Library burnt to the ground in December 1939. Of the 8000 books in the Library only 1800 were saved. This is the first picture of the Library I have seen. I visited Baddeck when I was only 4. But I do remember it well."

Our sincere thanks to Herbert for filling us in on this important piece of history.

Oh yes! He asked for a copy  of the picture---"By all means Herbert--one is on the way."
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St Andrews Presbyterian Church &
     "The Old Red School House"
This is where we got our education from Grade Primary to Grade 11.
The front room was for the younger students and was known as "The Little Room" although it was larger in size. The back room, although smaller in size,was then known as "The Big Room" because the Big Kids were there.
9 Nov.03
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It is believed that this pictures were taken at Mary MacLean's place in Roseburn
We are trying to identify people in the left picture and have the following -so far.
From the left:--Catherine (Ferguson) MacLellan--"Aunt Cah"--her sister; Florence (Ferguson)MacDonald; Edward Poole; Peter L. MacDonald: his son George MacDonald; Charlie MacKinnon, from Ainslie Glen--Fiddle player; Jennie MacInnis.later MacDonald;Ronald Stewart. In the back John MacLellan,next we don't know,infront we do not know next Allie MacLean; behind Allie, Joe Fee; next we think Gorman Bannister;next Dad--Eddie Poole holding me Nelson The four on the right , the only person ID'd yet is Bayne Smith, on the left of the front three.

If anybody can identify anybody else we would appreciate the information.
This picture, I think, was taken at "The Missionary's" in Soapstone. I remember the large logs of hemloch and pine the were harvested on the mountain behind the house.. That is Eddie Poole at the control--the other person, I do not know.
Eddie Poole & Bayne Smith
Brand New 1941 Ford 2 ton
That truck cost $1450.00
Picture sent in by sister Margaret Ann
Thanks to Murdock Burton of Bay St Lawrence for identifying his uncle Ronald Stewart, next to Jennie (MacInnis) MacDonald
This picture was sent to us by Sandy (Dan C.) McLean
The man on the left is John Lewis MacKinnon who lived in the house now owned by Bill & Shirley Nock.
The man on the right is "Big" Murdoch McLean -  Sandy's grandfather.

The house, at the time, was owned by the McLean family  and after was owned by our family. 

It is now owned by Don & Teresa MacNeil who operate a B & B.

Thanks Sandy .
Another picture of the 1941 Ford Truck
Taking the men to the woods.
Courtesy of Rod Philips
This is a picture of a woods crew, Courtesy of Rod Philips.
Bayne Smith, sitting, Edward & Nelson Poole (Kids), Andrew Philips,Joe Philips.
This picture became famous. The house, at one time, belonged to  Alex "Donald Allan" MacKinnon.Alex worked for the 'phone company and operated a store.
The house was later owned by the Hochheimer family. Joe fished oysters and to help slaes had this painted on the roof.
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