Neil A.  was a son of John MacLellan & Christy MacLellan
John was born in North Uist,Scotland and Christy was born in Middle River,CBI.
     Flora Ann was a daughter of Angus MacKinnon and Catherine Gillies.
      According her death certificate, both parents were born in Scotland.
Angus was born on Isle of Skye,Scotland and emigrated in 1845 with the rest of the family on "The Nith".
Neil Archibald MacLellan   ----------- -----------------   Flora Anne MacKinnon
b. 30 Nov. 1871  --- Bridge End, Inv.Co.CBI.            b. 28 Feb. 1877 - Dunakym,Inv.Co.CBI.
m. 17 July 1901  --- Whycocomagh, CBI.
d.  12 Feb. 1947  ---  Inverness Mem.                       d. 11 May 1959 - Inverness Mem. Hosp.
Neil A. Died from prostrate Cancer                          Flora Ann died from congestive heart failure.                  
Neil A. & Flora had three children
1.  John Archibald MacLellan
2.  Katheryn Florence MacLellan
3.  Christine MacLellan
1.  John Archibald MacLellan    -------------    Catherine Ferguson
    b.   Feb.    1904 - Glace Bay, CB.             b.       1907
    d.   Apr. 2.2002 Port Hawkesbury,CBI.     d.       1981  Inverness Cons. Mem.Hosp.    
Neil A. was brought up on the family farm in Bridge End, (Roseburn) and when he became of age he went to Glace Bay to work in the coal mines. He later moved to Wilburn,CBI and then he and Flora Ann took over the MacKinnon farm in Dunakym, where he lived until he died in 1947.

Eddie Poole said "He never knew when to stop working - there was always something that needed to be done and he could not rest until it was done."

"He could split hardwood with one hand on the axe, perhaps better than most people could with two hands. Very strong man."

Peter Alex Ferguson said:  He used to beat the oats of the chaff  by hand. There would be a frozen lump of ice, on the barn floor, from the sweat dripping on the floor.

His day started at 6:00AM and finished  at about  6:00 pm. Later during HayMaking.
Flora Ann was always there for Neil A. She did her share on the farm - helping with the "milking", "making hay", all chores that needed doing on the old farm.  Besides this she was able to be" one of the best cooks around" (Alfa Forbes), was always patient while Neil A. would, at times, be very impatient."

After Neil A. died Flora Anne  spent part of her time with John & Catherine in Dunakym and part time with her daughter and son-in-law, Katheryn and Eddie in Whycocomagh.

In the late "fifties" she travelled, by train, from Orangedale,CBI to Vancouver,BC to visit cousins on the "west coast". She would often tell of the trip and how nice it was to see the cousins again.

John was known as "Red Johnny" &  "Johnny Neiley".  I will call them Johnny and Catherine here, but in real life they were "Uncle Johnny and Cah."

Johnny and Catherine did not have children.

John worked the family farm, practically his whole life. Everything done on the farm was with horses. It was only in later years that he would have someone with a tractor do any work on the farm.

He & Catherine had cows, sheep, pigs, hens & horses. They had their own vegitables, year round and were almost self sufficient. They would sell cream, wool, calves, pigs, pulp wood to "pay the taxes" and support the Church and for essentials that they could not raise or grow themselves.  The maple trees were "tapped" for syrup, in the spring and this made the wood in the trees "twisty" and hard to split for firewood, which the only source for heat, summer and winter.  Catherine baked the BEST bread in the world. As a matter of fact everything Catherine cooked was the best going.

Robert Campbell - Danny & Jessie Campbell- told me when they used to drive the mail he always wanted to deliver the mail to Johnny & Catherine, because he would always get a "big feed" when he went there.

I remember one time - late forties - I believe Peter Alex Ferguson arrived at our place, in the village, with Johnny in a wood sleigh. Johnny was wrapped up in blankets and heated brick to keep him warm. Johnny was taken to Inverness Hospital where he had his appendix removed. They got him in time - the appendix did not rupture, but Johnny was not well for a while after. The neighbors all pitched in and did the farm work for Johnny while he was recovering. Johnny suffered for years with stomach ulcers, but this did not prevent him from doing most of the work on the farm.

Catherine had a lot of trouble with her legs , and spent time in hospital as well as at home with ulcers.

In "the seventies" they sold the farm to Kendra MacKenzie, from USA. and moved to a house in the village beside the fire hall - near the post office. Johnny became janitor of almost everyplace in the village. Dr. Jim's office, the Post Office as well as "driving the mail" to Soapstone,Roseburn,Kewstoke and Dunakym.

Catherine died in Inverness Consolidated Hospital after suffering a stroke at home.

Johnny lived alone for some time after Catherine died, and resided in Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home until he died.

2  Katheryn Florence MacLellan   --------   Edward William Poole
    b.  19 April 1906                                       b. 18 April 1905
   m.    9 July  1931
    d.    7 Mar   2000                                       d.     Jan.  1990         

See Poole
3. Christene MacLellan
     b.  1908
     d.  1908
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Neil A. & Flora Anne MacLellan