From Jonathan MacKinnon's records we have:---

" The NITH of Liverpool entered at Sydney,Cape Breton, Monday, Sept. 7 th 1840, and cleared for P.E. Island the following day. She carried 473 passengers, 73 more than the MERCURY said she had berths for. 193 of the passengers were for Cape Breton.

  According to some of those who were passengers, the NITH made her trip across the Atlantic in just three weeks. That been so, she must have left Tobermory (or Uig Bay) on August 17th 1840"

Among passengers on this trip we know from Peter MacKinnon's obituary:-

"-----at the age of three he crossed the Atlantic with his parents and grandparents, the family group landing at Sydney, September 7th, 1840-----"
From Peter MacKinnons obituary the family would have consisted of:-

His father & mother-- Malcolm & Flora (MacLeod) MacKinnon

His Grandfather & Grandmother:- Lauchlan & Anne (MacDonald) MacKinnon

His siblings:

   Ewen (Hugh)  b.  1839
   Mary                 b.  1835
   Catherine        b.  1832
   Ann                   b.  1828
   Angus              b.   1830 
It would be quite a trip--bottled-up in a ship for three weeks with
children aged:-  1

Whyte's Book Vol. # 1 we find "  # 7595--MACKINNON, Charles b ca.1778. From Snizort par,Is Skye,INV. s/o Charles 'Og" M, and Mary Gillis To PEI<1840  MPii526"
From this ,I believe, it is safe to assume that Charles and Alexander came from Skye with his brother Lauchlan and Lauchlan's family. I believe, it is safe to assume that other family came to PEI at the same time.
Whyte's Book Vol. #1 we find---" # 7566--MACKINNON,Alexander,  b ca 1773. From Snizort par, Is Skye,INV.s/o Charles"Og" M and Mary Gillis. To PEI< 1840 MPii526"
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Norma Macleod
Isle of Skye
IV51 9HU

Norma has done some research for me on THE NITH and has come up with the following account:
"My information about the NITH  comes from reports in the Colonial Herald, dated 12th and 19th of September1840. It is stated that the NITH  left Skye about the 20th July,arriving in Sydney about the 7th September 1840. She left from Uig in the north end of Skye and sailed first to the Custom House at the Isle of Mull, before crossing the Atlantic. It is said that about 100 people disembarked at Sydney."

Thanks Norma, for your help.
We got these two articles from The PEI Genealogical Society, Inc. Newsletter
"The Nith "
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