Samuel Nicolson--------------------  Jessie MacLellan, (see MacLellan)
Born on Skye Mountain, CB.
b.                                                         b. 28 June 1873
d.   16 Dec. 1941------Melford, CB         d.  21 Oct. 1950  

Thanks to the late Alpha  Forbes & Margaret (Peggy) MacKinnon for their help.
1.Catherine Nicolson-------------------------------------William (Bill) Burke
     b.  4 Oct. 1897-----Skye Mountain, CB             b.
     m. 2 Nov. 1892----Minnisota, USA
     d.                                                                  d.

         a. Elaine Burke--------  
2. Christine Nicolson-------------John Dan MacLeod
     b.  2 March 1899                  b.  
      d. 1 Aug. 1958                    d.
     They lived in Kirkland Lake, Ont.
3. Daniel (Dannie) Nicolson--------Dorothy Nicholson,RN
     b.                                            b. ca. 1901
     d.                                            d.       1986
    Dorothy was from England.UK 
4. Jack Nicolson------------------- --(1)
                                                  (2) Annie MacAulay
       b.   7 Aug. 1902                     b. 
       d.  3 Feb. 1970  Sydney,CB   d.

        a.  Samuel Nicholson---------(1)________________
                                                   (2) Beryl____________
             b.                                    b.
             d.                                   d.
                 1.  Elizabeth Nicolson

        b.  James Nicolson   -----   Marie Wise
               b.  ca.      1933                b.
               d. 26 Apr. 1999                   
5. William(Willie) Nicolson----------Marjorie Hoylt,RN
     b.  2 Aug. 1904                         b. ca.       1901
     d.                                            d.  20 Oct. 1988

          Marjorie was from England,UK ,  A War Bride.   
6. Flora Nicolson-------------------------John Georgio
    b.  19 April 1906                         b.
     d. 26 Oct. 1990--California, USA

     a. Jean Georgio----------------------                 Enderlin
     b. Joan Georgio---------------------                 Racke
     c. Robert Georgio
         Lives in San Francisco.Ca
7.Nellie Nicholson
     b.  6 June 1909
     d. 10 April 1932
8. Angus George Nicolson-- Killed in World War 11
    b.  31 July 1911
    d.  28 Feb. 1943
9. Archibald (Archie) Nicolson
    b.  18 June 1914
    d.   5 May  1995--Sydney,CB 
10. Alfa Nicolson------     Daniel Forbes
        b.   13 Mar. 1908           b. 1891
       m.   17 Oct. 1933 
        d.   27 Feb. 2008           d. 1975

          a.   Hugh Forbes-------------(1)  Anna Smith
                 b.                                   b.
                 d.                                   d.

                      1.  Douglas Forbes
                      2.  Donald Forbes
                      3.  Nancy Forbes
                              a.  son
                              b.  son   
                                                (2)  Sybyl___________

11. Agnes Nicolson
        b.  13 March 1908
        d.  25 March 1980----Boston, Mass
12. Margaret  (Peggy) (Nicolson)(MacKenzie) Mackinnon------   -(1) Harold MacKenzie
        b.   1916                                                                                   b. 1914
        d.   2011                                                                                   d. 1981

                                                                                                  (2) Allan Dan MacKinnon 
ANGUS NICHOLSON--------------
Born in--Isle of Skye, Scotland
                     Alfa and Peggy visited with us on 9 Nov. 2002.

Peggy did not tell us how old she was but Alfa told us '94 and goin' strong"

They gave us a look at what times were like in the early 1900's in Cape Breton.

The school house was a mile and a half from their place--in the same place the school/hall is today.
They often walked through three feet of snow to get to school.
There were no snow plows to clear the roads and light was provided by kerosine lamps.
The family grew most of the necessities for living. They had their own cows which provided milk,curds butter and cheese, and meat. The hens provided eggs and pigs gave them their pork.
The meat would be pickled in warm weather to keep in from spoiling and in the winter it would be frozen in the shed..Sometimes kept on ice, which was gathered in winter.

They grew all their own vegetables, and stored them in the basement which was not heated, The kids often went down the basement and "shaved"the turnips and ate them.
They had their own woodlot which provided them with wood for cooking and heat.

They were very diligent in going to church.

About 1918 the family moved to Marble Mountain, CB and worked at "The Quarry"
Sam was a carpenter., Danny was a school teacher in Blues Mills but was recruited to be time keeper at the quarry.Two other boys, also worked at the quarry.After about two years the quarry closed down and the family returned to "The Glen".
While in Marble Mountain Jessie, kept, at times, up to twenty boarders, along with twelve children.
Everybody pitched in but Jessie worked as hard as the men in the quarry.
Peggy said that her mother was pleasant all the time--never "in bad cheer". The same she said as their uncle Archie B, and unlike Neil A., in Dunakym, who was "hard to get along with". 

Peggy never drove a car and Alfa drove her own car until last year---age 93. She misses the independence that having her own car provided. Both ladies are in good health, clear minds, witty,
and "never as happy with life as we now are".Alfa is a little hard of hearing.

Sam played the fiddle--"so we did not even have to go out for entertainment". Sam also played the bagpipes and was with the 49th Highlanders band.

For entertainment the "grown-ups"  went visiting the neighbors, but usually the kids stayed home.

Alfa remembers school and who her teachers were---she liked them all except for a "cousin from Roseburn" also a Nicholson, who was "cranky" all the time.

Angus was killed in WW11, in Europe. Willie was also in WW11 and returned with Marjorie, an RN, a war bride. One of the nicest people you would ever meet.
Her friend Dorothy, also an RN. came to visit Marjorie, from England,  and  she ended up staying here and getting married to Danny. Dorothy was quiet, and not as out going as Marjorie, but very nice.

There is more that will be added later.

All the family, except for Catherine , were born in Skye Glen.,.Catherine was born on Skye Mountain, CB.
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Alfa Bradford (Nicolson) Forbes
Jessie (Nicholson) MacKinnon
Cape Breton Island
Prince Edward Island
                    These two fine ladies are look-a-likes.
They probably are distant cousins.I am sure they never met.
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The Nicolson Farm in Skye Glen, Cape Breton Island.
                Thanks to Hugh Forbes for his input.
     Denotes service in 
Canadian Armed Services
On the back of this photo is written:-
Mother and her seven daughters. Catherine,Tena,Flo,Alfa,Agnes,Nellie 
and Margaret
These photo's provided by Hugh Forbes.
Two Men
   On the back-
Jessie to Mother
1. Linda Nicolson  -------   Steve ____________
    a.  Savannah _____________

2.  Joanne Nicolson ------  Gregory _________
" MacNeacail "
Back --Agnes - Kay
Front - Alfa - Flo
This is a copy of the Land Grant for the area the Nicholson's lived in.

The original property, it seems did not cross the Skye Glen Road - The Beaton property, to the right did cross the road.

It would appear that Sam bought the Beaton property and had a total of 205A.