From the MacKinnon page we will be recording the family of Mary Anne MacKinnon who married Charles Mulhern
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Information on this family is supplied by DAVID,SALLY &  SHELLEY  MULHERN
Mary Anne MacKinnon---------------Charles Mulhern   
b.   11 Nov. 1871--Dunakym,CBI--------------b.
d.                1960                                     d.   1913-14
a.  John Edward Mulhern----------------------Edna Shelton
b.             1895--Vancouver,BC-------     b.
m.            1925 
d.             1975--Tucson,Ar.                  d.       1940
1.  John Edward Mulhern Jr.---------------------Katherine Myrick
      b.                                                           b.

a.  Katherine Ann Mulhern-------------
1.  Colin Dow Young-----------------
a.  Calvin Ryan Dow Young------------
b.  Oliver Coffrane Young

c.   Esme Violet Young
b.  John  Peter Mulhern -------------------(1)-----Patricia Arient
1.  Sarah Elizabeth Mulhern

2.  Meghan Salisbury Mulhern

3.  Kathleen Hope Mulhern
4.  Daniel David Mulhern
c.  David Kenneth Mulhern---------------------
1.  Patrick Charles Mulhern

2.  James Peter Mulhern
2.  Charles S. Mulhern-----------------------Alice Hodge
       b. 20 Mar. 1933                           b.
       m.  5 Feb. 1955
        d. 15 Oct. 2008  

a.  Shelley Kathryn Mulhern

1.  Kenneth Edward Mulhern
a.  Alexandria Jeanine Mulhern
b.  Sydney Kethryn Mulhern
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Our practice is to not list dates for the living.If,in error, we have please notify us and changes will be made. Also if any information needs changing please tell us..
      We would, right here, like to express our thanks, to
Katherine & Jack Mulhern for providing this story on the life of 
                    Mary Ann MacKinnon Mulhern.
Special thanks to Katherine & Jack Mulhern for their contribution.
On 9 th Sept. 2010 we were pleasantly surprised to have David, Sally and Shelley Mulhern land at our place in Whycocomagh.

We met on Saturday with them and Ian MacKeigan and Carole Chisholm - all cousins and descendants of Lauchlan & Anne  MacKinnon.

New friendships were formed and  all agreed that more of the same should take place.

Notes were compared and new information was given to be added to the web site.

Due to commitments Ian and Carole left , after an hour or  so , and David, Sally, Shelley and Nelson proceeded to Dunakym to see the  "old farms", and  wondered out loud "Are any ancestors looking down on us?" ---  Probably, with lots of smiles.

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John Peter Mulhern ------------------ (2)---  Carla Salsbury
The Mulhern Family