Marion MacKinnon---------------------------------Ronald MacLean
  b. 1783                                                                b.
  d. 1865

Ronald was from East Side Skye---now known as  Staffin---Gaelic is an taogh Ear

1.  Donald MacLean-------------

2.  John MacLean----------------
3.  Anne MacLean--------------
4.  Mary MacLean---------------
5.  Margaret MacLean-----------
6.  Catherine MacLean----------
7.  Flora MacLean-------------------
8.  Marion MacLean-------------------- Neil  MacLeod

         a.  Rev. John MacLeod---(at one time of Duke St.  
The information was found among papers of Jonathan G. MacKinnon
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Rev John MacLeod
Duke Street United 
Presbyterian Church
John MacLeod  (1840-1898) was minister of Govan Parish Church,1875-1898

Macleod was born in Morven,Argyll,the second son of the local minister.
Educated at the University of Glasgow, in 1875 he was selected by the University authorities to fill the vacancy at Govan where he remained until his death.

During the years of his ministry, Govan saw the largest population growth of any parish in Scotland and this presented many challenges. To cope with these, Macleod promoted the building od a number of new churchs in the parish. His preaching style and teachings were often controversial and provoked opposition from some of the stricter Presbyterians in his congregation. He was one of the founders of the Scottish Church Society in 1892.