The Maple Hills School stood on a lot of land:----

1. At the top of Dunakin Mountain, beyond the road going across to Campbells,MacLellans and MacKays

2 Just beyond the driveway to "Red" Hughie MacKinnons on the left of the road on a hill.

3. Before you would get to the MacDonalds road.

Now you know exactly where it was---don't you..

We have tried to identify as many as possible in these picttures--if we are wrong let us know.
The school and its teacher and students.
Girl on the left---we are not sure
Girl on the right---Margaret (MacDonald) Gillis. Margaret lives in Blues Mills.
The Teacher-----Katheryn MacLellan---Later to become Katheryn Poole
Back row:-- D.J. MacKinnon,   Unknown   Roddie MacDonald
Center row:-Unknown Boy------------------Lexie MacDonald
Front row:-  Neil MacKinnon -- Willy Burd?---Margaret MacDonald
                                                                Later-Mrs Whitman Gillis 
Special Thanks to:-

Peter Alex & Florie Ferguson
Grantie (Cummings) MacLellan
Margaret (MacDonald) Gillis

For their help in identifying these people !