MACLELLANof Cape Breton
Our MACLELLANS came from  NORTH UIST--Uibhist a Tuath, Scotland
"Neil and brother Donald came to Cape Breton Island from Paible,North Uist, in the Hebrides-on the west coast of Scotland. They sailed  August 24 1845, to Sydney,CB a passage of 24 days. Neil was married and had three children born in Scotland. They emigrated with three or four other families because they were persecuted in the cause of the Gospel. The landlord and factor took their land from them for showing kindness and giving shelter to ministers,etc.of the Free Church"
 Shirley Hammer of Sask. also sent information
Until 16 Feb. 2004 we did not know of  family that settled in other parts of Canada and USA  We now have account for several other kin and will be entering them, starting here.
1.  Alexander MacLellan b.  Abt. 1795--Knockintorran,NU 
2.  Neil (Ban) MacLellan  b.  Abt. 1800-- 
2.  Neil (Ban) MacLellan---------------------------Catherine MacAulay
     b.  Abt.     1800----Malaclet,NU                 b. 
     m.12 Mar. 1822
     d.  Aft.      1845----Whycocomagh, CB      d.
a.  Catherine (Kate) MacLellan-------------------------------William Martin        
d.  Lexie MacLellan--------------------------------Donald Johnson
e.  Angus MacLellan---------Died in British Columbia
     No information

f.   Archie MacLellan--------Went to California,USA
     No information
c.  John MacLellan--------------------------------Christy MacLennan
Information on this family also from Blair MacAulay, Ontario
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1.  Alexander MacLellan-----------------------Catherine (Kate) Cameron
      b.  Abt.  1795--Knockintorran,NU         b.
      d.  Abt.  1830                                       d. 

    It seems that Alexander died in North Uist and that his widow and family 
    moved to  3 Cnoc anTorran, North Uist
Their Children:
a  James        b.  Abt. 1826 - Kirsty Cameron
b. Catherine   b.  Abt. 1826
c. Anne  --      b.  Abt. 1828
c. John  --       b.  Abt. 1829
b.  Mary MacLellan---No information
b.    20 July 1835--North Uist,Scot.         b.
d.    19 Oct. 1911---Baddeck,CB

Her obituary states that "she came from the old country with her parents in 1845 from a place called Paible, NU
Their Children:
1.  Mrs (Mary?) Martin -----------------------John MacQuarrie----Sommerville,Ma
          b. 1860                                    
2.  Catherine  F. Martin --------------------Arthur M Prichard--Baddeck,CB
         b. 13 Feb. 1874                              b. 28 Jan. 1874
        a.  Thedore E.M. Prichard
                b. 16 Nov. 1897
        b.   William H.M.Prichard
                b. 18 Sept. 1900  

3.  John Martin-------------------Vancouver,BC
         b. 1863 (?)

4.  Neil Martin
          b. 1856 (?)
Check here for MacLellan Castle:--

Thanks to Russell Johnson
       for his help.
Thanks to Douglas MacLellan of Calgary, Ab. for his help
Prof. D.A.Fergusson in his book "The Hebridean Connection" , page 57 tells the above information.
I looked all over for information on Donald but always a brick wall. Finally I received a family tree for Donald, and now have it posted  -This is one large family  tree  11 -12 -13 children  in some families.
3.  Donald MacLellan
MacLellan from  North Uist, UK.
       to Cape Bretion Island
There is a Sarah MacLellan that married a John Ferguson. It was believed that Sarah was a sister to Neil & Donald, but it turns out she was a cousin, and will be shown under Ferguson, sometime in the future.
When the Maclellan's emigrated they  bought property in the Roseburn area, near Whycocomagh. Neil "Ban"  and his son John got their properties at Bridge End, now known as Roseburn, while Donald was, not far away, on Campbells Mountain. I cannot find a land grant for Donald, however his son Archibald lived , on what was known as "the Swamp Road". Here I find a land grant for Angus, which is where the family settled.

Neil Ban had 102 acres, John had 100 acres, and Angus had 137 acres.

All are shown on the map here.
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