1.  Mary Anne MacKinnon------ Thomas A. Campbell
     b.24 Dec.1857
        a. Angus Campbell-------Jennie Fraser
Our ancestors came from the Parish of Snizort on the Isle of Skye.
They lived in a division called "Peighninn Choinnich." of the township called "Talla nan Taghean"
Much thanks to Dr.James St. Clair  for his help.

On the "Net" we have met Stuart Lane of B.C. who provided info on 
an arm of the family we were not aware of. Thanks Stuart.
While going over Jonathan G. MacKinnons papers we found where he had exchanged information with Hugh MacKinnon of Kinross,PEI. in 1931/32

Preston MacDonald told us that he had a son John living at Kinross and after writing a letter to John had contact with John's daughter Sandra in Charlottetown. We will be getting together this summer and will be adding another family to the MacKinnon tree.
        (Tearlach Og)                    (Mairi nighean Mhaol Mhoire)
We would like to thank: Catherine & Irving MacKay  of Murray Harbour,PEI
                                      Preston & Jean MacDonald of Charlottetown,PEI
                                      Harold & Tilly MacLeod of Montague,PEI 

These people became "old friends" after about two minutes, when we visited them in September 2002.Harold has a book "The Loyalist Comptons of PEI"
1. Marion MacKinnon--------------  who married Ronald MacLean 

2. Alexander MacKinnon---------- Settled in  Uigg PEI --

3. Malcolm MacKinnon------------ Settled in  --Uigg, PEI

4. Charles Beag MacKinnon----  Settled in - Heatherdale, PEI

5.. Donald  MacKinnon-------------  His descendents settled in PEI

6. John MacKinnon ----------------  His descendents settled in Valleyfield,PEI 

7. Angus MacKinnon --------------  Died in Skye---unmarried

8. Laughlan MacKinnon----------   Settled in Inverness Co. Cape Breton Island.
     We " the Pooles" and cousins in Cape Breton,Halifax,British Columbia, and almost everywhere are descendents of Laughlan. 
 a.  Malcolm MacKinnon-------Flora MacLeod
b. 1775  Snizort,Scot.          b. 
d. 1855  Ainslie Glen,C.B     d. 1843--Ainslie Glen, CB
b. 1803 Snizort                b.  Abt. 1806
m. 9 June 1826--Cuidrach,Scotland
d.  7 Aug. 1872 -Dunakin--Also date 8 Aug. 1877--73 Yrs ld
                                 d.  10 Jan. 1880---74yrs.  
1.. Ann MacKnnon  ------------------Colin Chisholm, Nevada Valley, C.B.
     b. 1828,Isle of Skye                    ( see Chisholm)
     d. 1894,Nevada Valley,C.B.
2..  Angus MacKinnon---------------- Catherine Gillies
     b. 1830,Isle of Skye                  b. 1831,Skye Glen .C.B.
     d.  14 Oct. 1917,Dunakin,C.B.   d. 1898

    Angus and Catherine are both buried in Stewartdale Cemetery
2.  John MacKinnon---------------Florence Flewelling
        a. Milne Flewelling
        b. Jean Flewelling    
3.   Flora MacKinnon-----------Donald J. MacLeod
         b. 28 Feb.1877
a.Katherine Margaret MacLeod----------------Arthur I. Kelly
       1. Lorraine Kelly-------------Walter Engler
             a. Gordon Bruce Engler----Caroline Hicks
                  1.  Emily Elizabeth Engler
                  2.  Michael John Engler
             b  Alfred (Al)  Keith Engler----Maria Frej
                  1.  Jordan Walter Engler
             c. Glen Kenneth Engler
b.Colin MacLeod----------------May M. Brown
       1. Douglas MacLeod
       2. Jean MacLeod
c.  Minnie  MacLeod   (unmarried)

Minnie was killed in a car accident along with two other lady friends by a drunken driver in the other vehicle.
4.   Malcolm MacKinnon-----------Florence MacRae
      b. 22 April 1865
5.   Jonathan Gillies MacKinnon-noted Gaelic scholar.
      b. 2 Sept. 1869
      d.             1944
6.   Donald MacKinnon
      b. 29 Oct.1872
      d.            1957 
7.   Flora Anne MacKinnon--------Neil A. MacLellan
      b .28 Feb. 1877                     b.
      d. 11 May 1959                     d.
1.   John A. MacLellan--------Catherine Ferguson
2.   Kathryn F. MacLellan----------Edward W. Poole 
a.  Edward D. Poole -------Patricia C. Archibald
         1. Daniel E. Poole-----Krista Campbell
                   a.Christopher Poole
                   b. Rebecca  Poole
         2. Nancy Poole----------Ian Wright
         3. Darren Poole----------Claire Touche
                   a.Evelyn Poole

b.  L. Nelson Poole------------ J. Mae MacIntosh
       1. Catherine D. Poole---M.Sheldon MacInnis
             a.  Jeffrey MacInnis
             b.  Justina MacInnis
             c.  Jolene MacInnis 
             d.  Jesse MacInnis 

       2. W,. Keith Poole---------Lynn Livingstone
              a.  Wade D. Poole

       3.  Brian N. Poole---------- Brenda MacRury (D)

       4.  Kelly Poole-------------- Curtis MacLennan  
               a. Shelby Richard MacLennan
                    b. 02 02 02
               b. Brody Nelson Maclennan
                    b 26 05 04 

3.  Catherine MacKinnon-------------.Archibald Gillis--Skye Glen, C.B
      Dau. Malcolm & Flora (MacLeod)
a. Malcolm Gillis
b. Dorothy Gillis  
c. Hugh Gillis
d. Mary Anne Gillis
e. James B. Gillis
f.  Flora Gillis
g. John Gillis
h. Malcolm Gillis Jr.


4.  Mary MacKinnon-----unmarried
     Dau. Malcolm & Flora (MacLeod)
5.  Peter MacKinnon------Catherine (Kate Ann) MacQueen
     Son of Malcolm and Flora (MacLeod)
     b.11 May 1836- Bearnsdale,         b. 1840
                  Snizort,Skye                  d. 1932
     d.1933 - Whycocomagh,C.B.
      Emigrated to C.B. in 1840 
1. Malcolm MacKinnon----Lived in Dawson City,YT.

2. John Q. MacKinnon-----Ruth Cecilia Walker,Revelstoke, B.C.
      b. 1869
      d. 1940
a. George Ernest MacKinnon--Willa Sarah Hughes,Vancouver, B.C.
         1900-1966                          1899-1991
           1. Willa Catherine MacKinnon--William George Lane
                    a. Stuart Lane
                    b. Gillian Marjorie Lane
                    c. Alexandra Catherine Lane
                    d. William Gregary Andrew Lane
            2. George Ernest MacKinnon--Lived in California,USA
b.  Ruth Catherine MacKinnon-W.H.Sutherland , Vancouver, B.C.
             1. Shirley Anne Sutherland--Alex Melzak,Vancouver,B.C.
                   a. Kathryn  Alexandra Melzak
                   b. Adam Melzak

c. John MacKinnon-Died in an accident in Revelstoke,BC.-Age 23
d. Peter Everet Q. MacKinnon(Major)-Katherine Louise Steele
    Settled in Kent, England - after service in WW11        
               1.Ruth Ellen MacKinnon,Victoria, B.C.-----Richard Grimsdell  (D)
                            b.  1948
                            d.  18 Dec. 2004---Mill Bay,Vancouver Island,BC
                       a. Jennifer MacKinnon  -----Dave _____________
                       b. Clare MacKinnon
                       c. Esther MacKinnon                  

               2.Susan MacKinnon, UK
3. Mary Anne MacKinnon-------Charles Mulhern
          b. 1871
       Settled in Los Angeles,USA
      a.John Edward Mulhern 
4. Anne Margaret MacKinnon-----Donald MacKinnon, Vancouver, B.C.
          b. 1873
      a. Rhoda Anne MacKinnon
      b. Grace MacKinnon
      c. David MacKinnon .
5. Hugh MacKinnon.---------Blind -  Rural Mail Driver.
   22 May 1875------1959
    Unmarried-Lived in Dunakym, C.B.
6. Mary MacKinnon-------Archibald MacDonald
      a. Rachel (Rae) Bell MacDonald---lived in Seattle,Wash.
      b. Peter Hugh MacDonald
      c. Sadie (Sarah) MacDonald --lived in Seattle,Wash.
      d. Christie MacDonald
      e. Catherine MacDonald      
      f.  John MacDonald 
7. Flora MacKinnon------Robert Fetridge--Seattle, Wash.
8. Rachal May MacKinnon------Died young
          d. 1930?
9.Catherine Sarah MacKinnon-- Harding H. Harris
   Lived in Sydney, C.B.

a. Emaline Harris-------Lewis Payne
       1. Anne Payne

b. Katherine (Kaye) Harris--------  Andrew (Andy) Chisholm
c. Arthur Hugh Harris----- Killed - World War 11
6. Ewan Hugh MacKinnon---Mary Ann Robertson
    Son of Malcolm & Flora (MacLeod)
a. Malcolm Peter MacKinnon----Margaret Gillis
7. Donald MacKinnon------ Margaret MacInnis
a. Malcolm Murdoch MacKinnon
b. Flora MacKinnon----------Lewis Murray  (see Murray)
        1.James Murray
        2. Margaret Murray
        3. Peter Murray
        4. Josie Murray
c. Donald Loddy MacKinnon   Died Young
d. Catherine Anne MacKinnon-------------John A Thompson
     b.                                                       b.
     d.                                                       d. 
e. Peter Hugh MacKinnon----- Killed at Paschondale,Belgium   1                                                WW11
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B. EWEN MACKINNON---------------------------ANNE BEATON
     (Second son of Laughlan & Anne (MacDonald) MacKinnon

       b.  ca  1805                      b.
       d.  25 May 1845--Age 40    d.     Dec. 1872

      In his notes Jonathan MacKinnon states that Ewan died from cancer.
      Ewan came to CB in 1832.
1. Eupehmia MacKinnon-------unmarried
2. Anne MacKinnon---------not much is known about Anne
3. Murdoch MacKinnon--------Margaret Gillis
a. Anne --------------Died young
b. Flora MacKinnon--------Murdoch MacKeigan ( see MacKeigan)
c. Hugh MacKinnon--------Kate MacDougall
d. Dorothy MacKinnon---- John Robertson
e. Euphema MacKinnon-- Malcolm Robinson
f.  John Malcolm MacKinnon---Annie Stephens  
4. Lauchlan MacKinnon ----unmarried
      d.  22 May 1915----Ainslie Glen, CB  
5. Flora MacKinnon----unmarried
6. Malcolm MacKinnon -----unmarried
    d.  20 Nov. 1856   PEI
They emigrated with other family members in 1840 on "The Nith"

     Dau of Lauchlan & Anne (MacDonald) MacKinnon
We would like to thank Stuart Lane of British Columbia, for providing information on another arm of the MacKinnons. You can check under Peter MacKinnon for his descendents.He is a third cousin of Nelson Poole, the instigator of this web site.
Thanks to Stuart Lane
of B.C. for his input to
this arm of the
MacKinnon tree
                          Seen on a bumper sticker:

" Its hard to be humble when you're SCOTTISH"

We have made contact with Colin MacKinnon of Sackville N.B. who has provided more info. on
the PEI MacKinnons.   Thanks Colin.
Tombstone - Stewartdale 
Cemetery,Whycocomagh, C.B.
Inscription reads
Malcolm MacKinnon
   August 7, 1872
      Aged 74 Yrs.
     Also his wife
Died  Jan. 10, 1880
       Aged 74 Yrs
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c.  Margaret Ann Poole-----------Ranald A. MacDonald
        1.  Timothy MacDonald
        2.  Tara MacDonald 
Domhall Ros (Donald Ross) of Scotland has found us and tells me that Eastside is now known as  STAFFIN . 

The Gaelic name is       an taogh Ear

Thanks Domhall

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Pictures by Steve Taylor of Scotland
Portree Bay 
looking south
Portree Bay 
looking east
     Obituary for 
Peter MacKinnon.
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   This is where Lauchlan MacKinnon & Family
   came from.....
Bernisdale,Isle of Skye----see on map below
R. Catherine--Malcolm Murdoch
F. Donald-------Margaret
"Uncle" Jonathan Gillies MacKinnon had done much research on the MacKinnon Clan and went almost unnoticed until research was done among his papers.

On the weekend of March 21-23/03, Mae & I were in PEI.  We met:- John & Isabel MacKinnon-(John is a forth cousin): Sandra & Peter (Sandra is a fifth cousin) Dannie & Christine MacKinnon (Dannie is a fifth cousin). And a result of information received from them we now have about 2000 more cousins.

John lived in  "Hunglader" in the northern part of Skye.
Sandra and Peter were to Skye a few years ago and were thrilled to stand on the land that her ancestors lived on.
From research that Jonathan had done we know that Lauchlan was the "best plowman in Bernasdale". We also know that Peter lived here on the south shore of Loch Snizort. His obituary states that this is where he was born..
We discovered that  "Our MacKinnons" belonged to The Kilbride family of
MacKinnons.They were descended from Charles of Skye, second son of Lauchlan Og, 25th Chief of that Clan.
Willa Lane of BC, provided copies of pictures of Peter & Catherine.
We have record from obituary of Peter MacKinnon, that the family landed in Sydney,CB on 7 Sept. 1840--We have record of the ship NITH landing at Sydney on this date with 193 passengers for Cape Breton-- the NITH sailed for PEI the  next day with more passengers for there.
"MacKinnon of Dunakym"
3.  Christina Agnes MacLellan.
        b.   5 August 1908
        d. 18 November 1908 = 3 mths. 13 days
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25 January 2004--We had a e-mail from Clare MacKinnon in Vancouver. A cousin that we had never met. Clare provided names of herself and two sisters.
Thanks ,Clare.
Uig Bay
11 February 2005---Information received from David Mulhern. Due to space  limitations
Another page will be started to contain the information on this family 
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1.  Frances Chisholm---------___________Murtha
a.Scott Murtha
b.Tommy Murtha
c. Catherine Murtha
Indicates service
in Canadian 
Armed Service
1.  Hugh MacKinnon--Church baptism records show Evan--perhaps should be Ewan--Gaelic for Hugh.
                                  Hughie stayed on the old farm after the rest of the family moved away--He was the rural mail                                              driver, by horse & buggy/sleigh for many years --I heard it said that the horse knew                                                             the route as well as Hughie and while Hughie was sorting the mail for the next                                                                    mail box the horse would walk right up to the mail box without Hughie driving                                                                    him.

                                   Hughie never married.  

                                  In the summer the family would return to visit and, no doubt, help Hughie with the                                                             "making  the hay". and other "chores"

   David Mulhern had this to tell us about Hughie

                                "My Uncle Charles (known as "Pat" despite not been named Patrick!) thinks he might   
                                  possibly recall you from those summers,probably summers in the late 40's. in his case.
                             .    They both have fond memories of going up there, working on the farm with Uncle Hughie"
                                  "Hughie's blindness, to which you refer to, did not  come on until later in life; and was a result of                                       glaucoma . His blindness did not strike him until later in his 60's or possibly even after 70"

                                  "I have, hanging in my  house a horseshoe that I picked up on the farm, which I imagine to be                                           from one of the horses he used to deliver the mail. "
2.  Flora MacKinnon---In 1953 the "Old" MacLean Church was dedecorated and former parishoneers "from away"
     Fetridge                were asked to help financially.  From the old records I found 

                                   "Donation: Mrs Florence Fetridge,Seattle,Wash, for church repairs---$ 546.44" 
                                    An unbelievable amount in those days. The donation was probably $ 500.00 and the exchange                                      made up the  difference.

                                   This, indeed, shows the devotion and respect she had for her "old" church

     David Mulhern told us this about Flora MacKinnon Fetridge

"To the extent family anecdotes are of interest, I have 3 quick family memories about Flora:"

 1-----Flora and my great grand mother regularly travelled from the west coast to Cape Breton, via New                  England. They would visit my father and mother along withmy grandfather at that time.Flora was                   somewhat quiet, but always enjoyed visiting my family and is still remembered for her lively sense of            humor."

 2.----I have all my life heard a great family story about Flora on a trolley in Boston. The Boston area is                  obviously heavily Irish. Flora was riding along quietly listening to some young women speaking Irish             Gaelic to one another. Evidently Scots Gaelic (Flora's 1 st language and native tongue) and Irish Gaelic         are quite similar, so (without their knowing it) Flora understood the Irish girls, and overheard them                 passing a rude remart about Flora's red hair! As Flora exited the trolley, Flora quietly wished the Irish            girls "Good Day"---in Gaelic! (Good for you Flora--don't take any abuse from them!)"   
3.----"My mother     visited the farm on Cape Breton in 1949 when she was engaged to my Dad. The family had             not yet met Jack's fiance, but they knew that she was a New Englander. Flora was evidently greatly                       distressed that my mother (whom Flora pictured apparently as a slightly"grand"New England lady...wheras           in truth my dear Mom is altogether down to earth and totally lacking in all pretension of any sort!!) would              have to use the latrine at the farm, since there was no indoor plumbing! Poor soul, Flora was evidently quite        a sweetheart,"
Kaye's Obituary
.Victoria, Australia
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Picture below
Pictures here supplied by Frances Chisholm,  thanks Frances
  Emmaline,Mary Ann, 
Catherine and Arthur. 1942 
  Before going overseas
Florence,Catherine,Hay Harris
                 Mary Ann
Hugh,Mary Ann & Catherine
Two views of the Peter MacKinnon Farm House 
           at Maple Hills, Dunakym,CBI.
  Pictures taken by
Rannie MacDonald
Jonathan G. stated in his notes the " Lauchlan was buried in Skye Glen Cemetery, beside his son Ewen." Probably Anne was buried there too. No markers
It was first thought that Lauchlan lived in Dunakym, but records show that it was Malcolm that bought the property in Dunakym..
Lauchlan and Anne, it seems lived in Ainslie Glen,CBI
This is the Uig Glen
Likely the Glen our
 people came from
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Mae & Nelson
Here is the History of The MacKinnon Clan
.1.  Jack Thompson------Rose __
       b.                           b.
      d.                            d.__
b.  Loreen Thompson
Peters Medals