John Lewis MacKeigan-------Margaret Robinson
1.  Dorothy MacKeigan ----------Dougald  MacLean
       b.                                          b.
Dorothy taught school,in Whycocomagh for over thirty years.
Dougald served in the Canadian Armed services.
2.  Catherine MacKeigan-------  Kenzie Turbill
         b.                                         b.
        m.                                        m.
           a.  Mary Beth Turbill---- George Ferguson
                    1.Nicolle Ferguson
           b.  Nancy Turbill
3.  Florence MacKeigan
  Florence was a nurse in Glace Bay General Hospital and retired in Glace Bay,CBI   
4.  Ian  MacKeigan  ----------------  Shirley Maher
        b.                                         b.
   Ian operated drug stores in Whycocomagh and Port Hawkesbury,CBI
   In 2005 he sold the Port Hawkesbury store and semi-retired in Whycocomagh.
   Shirley was from Newfoundland
           a.  Mary Ann MacKeigan---Stewart MacLean (D)
                          1.  Megan MacLean
             b. Christena  MacKeigan---Jason Rouse
                           2.Jesica MacKeigan
            c.  John Lewis MacKeigan
4.  Sheila MacKeigan-------------  Archie MacKay
        b.                                          b. 12 Aug. 1943
        d.                                          d.   1 Feb. 2008 
            a.  John MacKay---------------Alice Gillis
            b.  Ivan  MacKay               
            Picture taken in 1966  in Dunakin, CB
George MacKenzie--Margaret "Maggie"(MacKeigan,MacDonald) MacKenzie---Catherine (Ferguson)MacLellan---Catherine "Kate" (MacKeigan) Turbill-----Margaret (Robinson) MacKeigan
"Aunt" Effie Robinson
b.   30 June 1892                             b.
d.                                                    d.
John Lewis was the community barber for many years. He operated a family farm that included mink and fox. He was an elder in Stewart United Church for many years and was also janitor of the church,for over sixty years.
He  had a friendly disposition and could always find something funny in any situation.
Margaret was active in Sunday School as a teacher and WMS/UCW.
She too also had a great personality.
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In the 1901 Census for Nova Scotia--Inverness--Whycocomagh North--X2
House # 66---1---McKinnon, Margaret -------Fem.---Head------------Widow---19 April 1834---Age 66
                        2---McKinnon, Hugh---------Male---Son -------------Single---  3 Mar.  1869---Age 32
                        3---McKinnon, Effie----------Fem.---Dau.-------------Single---- 8 Aug.  1874---Age 26 
                        4---McKinnion, John M.- --Male---Son--------------Single---  8 Aug.  1877---Age 23
                        5.--McKeigan,   John M.---Male---Son-In-Law--Mar.------              1860---Age 41
                        6. -McKeigan,  Flora--------Fem. --Dau.-------------Mar.------  5 Dec.  1865---Age 35
                        7.--McKeigan, Maggie -----Fem. -G-Dau. -------- Single---29 Mar.  1891---Age 10
                        8.--McKeigan, John C.------Male--G.Son-----------Single---30 June  1892 --Age  8
                        9.--McKeigan,  Annie -------Fem-  G.Dau-----------Single---- 7 Feb.  1895--Age   6
                      10.- McKeigan, Tena M. -----Fem---G.Dau---------- Single----26 Feb. 1897--Age   4
In the 1911 Census for Nova Scotia--Inverness-Whycocomagh Village--# 39-
Page 6  Line 50--Gigan, Flora----------------F--Head--Widow--- Dec.  1867---Age 63
Page 7  Line    1--Gigan, Maggie-----------F--Dau.--  Single   -Mar.  1891---Age 20
   "         Line   2--Gigan, John Lewis -- M--Son----Single----May   1892 --Age 19  
   "         Line   3- Gigan, Dorothy           F --Dau.---Single---Feb.  1895 - Age 16   
   "         Line   4--Gigan, Christina         F-- Dau. --Single---Feb.   1897--Age 14
From working on the census we know that errors occur and names misspelled. This has happened here as the names should all be MacKeigan. Dates may also be incorrect and will be corrected above, where possible.
Murdock MacKeigan-----------------Grave Stone has born 1857-- Died 1903--
                                                            1901 Census has --John M.---born 1860
Flora (MacKinnon) MacKeigan--Grave stone has born     2 Dec. 1865-Died 22 June 1955
                                                            1901 Census has born  5 Dec. 1865
                                                            1911 Census has born     Dec.  1867  


Their Children.



1901 Census  has  --           (1)     Maggie----Born  29 March 1891
                                         (2)     John C.- -Born  30 June    1892
                                         (3)     Annie----- Born    7 Feb.     1895
                                         (4)     Tena  M.-Born   26 Feb.     1897  


We do know that:   the John C. above was actually  John Lewis below.
                                   The Annie above was Anne Dorothy : b. 7 Feb. 1896   d. 22 May 1917


1911 Census has-   -           (1)    Maggie--         born  Mar. 1891
                                         (2)   John Lewis     born  May 1892
                                         (3)    Dorothy          born   Feb. 1895
                                         (4)    Christina        born   Feb. 1897     
All data below was copied from the transcripts of the census and can be found at:
Murdock MacKeigan-----------------Flora MacKinnon
b.         1857                                                 b.   2 Dec. 1865
d.         1903                                                 d.  22 June 1955 
While we work on the MacKeigan surname, we will give the connection to the MacKinnon's here.
Flora was a daughter of Murdoch MacKinnon who lived in Ainslie Glen,Inv.Co.CBI. He, in turn was a son of  Ewen MacKinnon who emigrated from the Isle of Skye to Cape Breton in 1832. Ewen's father, Lauchlan, and
the rest of the family emigrated in 1840. They came in Sept 1840 and spent the winter with Ewen and family.In the spring Malcolm,another son of Lauchlan, and the rest of the family moved to Dunakym,Inv.Co.CBI.



It seems that Lauchlan and  his wife, Anne (MacDonald) spent the rest of their days with Ewen and family.


It was reported that "Lauchlan was buried in Skye Glen Cemetery beside his son Ewen"
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