Donald MacLennan---------------------Margaret Murchison
      b.                      Sotland         b. Abt.    1787         Scotland                         
1.  Roderick (Rory) MacLennan---------------------Jessie Matheson
       b.  Abt.   1819    Scotland                        b.  1 May 1826   Scotland
        d. Bet. 1891-1901     Middle River CB       d..  Aft.    1901  Middle River, CB.       

       a.  Christy MacLennan------------------John MacLellan        see MacLellan
       b.  Margaret MacLennan----------------Donald MacRae
       c.  Annie MacLennan--------------------Duncan MacLennan s/o John & Sarah (Ross)
       d.  Jessie MacLennan------------------ Alexander ( Sandy) MacKenzie s/o William (Big
       e.  John MacLennan  Died Young
       f.   Duncan MacLennan--Died Young
       g.  Neil MacLennan----------------------- Isabel MacRae
       h.  Hannah MacLennan
       I.   Dan Maclennan

a.  Christy MacLennan----------John MacLellan

b.  Margaret MacLennan------------Donald MacRae (Bro. of Philip, below)
      1.  Jessie MacRae
      2.  Bella MacRae
      3.  Dan MacRae
      4.  John A. MacRae
      5.  Duncan MacRae
      6.  Johanna MacRae
      7.  Willena MacRae
      8.  Annie MacRae
      9.  Christene MacRae
     10.  Della MacRae
                                                     Rebecca Swain (1)
c.  Annie MacLennan (2)-----------------Duncan MacLennan
       b. abt. 1862                                b. abt 1852
      m. 10 June 1890 - Middle River,Vic.Co. CBI.
       d.                                               d.
  His parents were John and Sally MacLennan.He was a farmer in Middle River,Vic.Co.CBI
  Rev. Alex MacRae performed the marriage ceremony and Donald MacRae and Kenneth MacLennan were the witnesses.
      1.  Jessie MacLennan
      2.  Annie Jane MacLennan
      3.  John MacLennan
      4.  Roddie MacLennan   
d.  Hannah MacLennan---------------Philip D. MacRae ( Bro. of Donald, above)
      b. abt.    1871                           b. abt. 1863
     m. 28 Apr. 1892
      d.                                             d. 
His parents were John and Ann MacRae. They all were farmers in the Middle River area. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Alex MacRae and the wittnesses were Kenneth MacLennan and  Duncan MacKinnon
e.  Jessie MacLennan--------------------Alexander ( Sandy ) MacKenzie
       b. abt. 1867                                b. abt. 1859
      m. 23 Nov. 1892  Middle River,Vic.Co. CBI
       d.                                               d. 
  His parents were William and Margaret MacKenzie of Middle River,Vic.Co.CBI.  The families were farmers in the Middle River area.
  Rev. Alex MacRae performed the marriage ceremony and Donald MacRae and Duncan MacLennan were the wittnesses.

    1.  Farquharson A. MacKenzie-------------------Isabel MacKenzie

   2.  Rhoda MacKenzie---------------- Dan MacDermid

  3.  Margaret MacKenzie-- Never Married

  4.  Dunkena (Ena) MacKenzie---------------------Joseph Hall

  5.  Cornelius MacKenzie-----------Never Married

  6.  Joan MacKenzie-----------------Lewis Fusey

  7.  Norman MacKenzie-------------Annie MacRae d/o John & Dolly MacRae

       a.  Allister MacKenzie----------Joan MacLean d/o John & Johena MacLean
             1.  David MacKenzie----------Annette Page
                  a.  David MacKenzie
                  b.  Ryan MacKenzie
             2.  Alexander ( Sandy)  MacKenzie------  Kerry MacNeil
                   a.  Emme MacKenzie
                   b.  Carter MacKenzie
            3. Carl MacKenzie-------
            4.  Jean Ann MacKenzie

       b.  Margaret MacKenzie

       c.  Joan MacKenzie

       d.  Jessie MacKenzie

  8.  Dan MacKenzie  
MacLennan Dress Clan Tartan.
MacRae Tartan
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2.  Kenneth MacLennan ----  Christena Finlayson 
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