John MacLellan-------------------------------------Christy MacLennan 
Special thanks to the late Alfa Forbes of Whycocomagh, C.B., Allister MacKenzie of Middle River, C.B,  Florence MacDonald, of Blues Mills,C.B. Peter Alex Ferguson,Whycocomagh,CB  Shirley Hammer of Sask. and Blair MacAulay of Ont. and Alan MacLellan from Australia for their help in this information.
1.  Jessie MacLellan  &  Samuel Nicholson 
The picture of "The MacLellan" home in Dunakym, C.B. as it appears today.
It was home to Neil A, Flora Anne.Johnnie and Katheryn. Later it became Johnnie & Catherine (Ferguson)'s.
The property is now (2001) owned by Kendra MacKenzie, of USA who uses it as a summer home.

4. Angus MacLellan    
Flora Ann (MacKinnon) & Neil A. MacLellan
 4. Neil " Ban" MacLellan-------------Catherine MacAulay           
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In Stewartdale Cemetery
see   MacLennan
--Middle River, C.B.
Neil A. Catherine & Johnnie
            Sept. 1933
  On the farm at Dunakin.

The MacLellan house at about 1910.
The porch/kitchen was added later.
Neil A., Johnnie, Katheryn, Flora Ann
This is an account by Jonathan G. MacKinnon on the "Old Farm" in Dunakym

" The farm now (1932) owned by Neil MacLellan, was taken up, bAlexander MacQuarrie 
( son of John ), who came there from Pictou, and who lived on the farm several years. The cellar of his house can still be seen.
Alexander MacQuarrie sold the farm to his wife's brother, Archibald Cameron, who also lived on it for some time.
Archibald Cameron sold it to Alexander MacDonald, ( Alisdair Og ), Lower Glencoe. MacDonald did not live on the farm, but granted it July 16, 1846 and built on it a new log house and a frame barn.
In 18?? it was bought from MacDonald by Malcolm MacKinnon, who afterwards transferred it to his sons, Angus and Peter jointly. Peter afterwards built on his part a frame house: but some years later transferred his share to Angus and bought the farm on which he still lives.
This was about 1870. The frame house was then moved to another site, on which now stands the new barn. The house was destroyed by fire May 1902
In 1906 the farm was acquired by Neil A MacLellan, Angus MacKinnon's son-in-law, who has since lived there."
The above account was obtained at the Beaton Institute in Sydney, CB

Flora--------- Archie
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b.                                                b.
m. 12 Mar.  1822  
d.  18 June 1878                         d.
They emigrated to Cape Breton in 1845

b.               1828--North Uist                        --- b.           1849 - Middle River,CB
m. 15 Mar. 1869 - Hunters Mountain,CBI
d.               1918- Roseburn,CBI                     d.            1928 - Roseburn,CBI    
Buried -Stewartdale Cemetery, Whycocomagh,CB.           
John was taken to Hunters Mountain,CB and under the direction of Rev. Alexander Farquaharson, studied to be a teacher. There are two reports of what transpired. 1/John was teaching school in Middle River and next door, at the church, a wedding was taking place. John told the class " if that couple have a daughter ,I will marry her."  2/ John was invited to the wedding and after the wedding he told the couple "If your first born is a girl , I will marry her" Whichever is true the fact is that John, married the couples first born, Christy MacLennan.
b.  28 Jun. 1873--                          b.
d.  21 Oct. 1950                            d. 16 Dec. 1941- Melford,Inv.Co. CBI
Buried in Skye Glen Cemetery,Skye Glen,CB                      
5.  John Rory MacLellan
b.  16 July   1881
d.  Young
b.  22 Aug. 1879
d.               1955 
6.  Unnamed Child
b.  15 April 1883
d.  15 April 1883
Page from the family Bible
Picture was taken about 1940 at "Archie B & Flora's on "The South Side".
2. Archie B. MacLellan  &  Flora MacDonald   
3. Neil A. MacLellan  &   Flora Ann MacKinnon 
MacLellan of North Uist
Lexie MacLellan
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