1. Rachael MacIver---------------------Duncan Murray
2. Murdoch MacIver--------------------"Big Annie"
3. William MacIver-----------------------(1) Elizabeth MacKenzie  
                                                          (2) Mary Ann  Gillis
4. Norman MacIver----------------------
5. Maggie MacIver-----------------------
6. Ann MacIver---------------------------- 
7. Jessie MacIver-------------------------
8. Mary MacIver--------------------------- Duncan Blue
9. John MacIver---------------------------Christy Ann Gillis
9. John MacIver-----------------------------------------------Christy Ann Gillis
    b.  ca.  1842                                                              b.  ca  1857
   m.  3 Apr. 1877  Whycocomagh, CBI
   d.                                                                                d.
Her parents were Angus and Christy Gillis 

1. Angus MacIver---------------------Katherine Ferguson
2. Malcolm William MacIver----Euphema (Emma) Matheson
3. Maggie Ann MacIver------------Lewis Hall
        1.  Lewis Hall Jr.----------Unknown
             1. Son
             2. Son
             3. Son
             4. Son 
        2.  Celinda Elizabeth Hall 

4. Elizabeth Ann MacIver---------John Norman Matheson
        1.  Anna Emaline Matheson---Malcolm Daniel MacRae *
                                                      s/o Colin & Christene(Christy) (MacKinnon)

        2.  Christina Mary Matheson---Charles Hercules MacDonald

              1. Ranald Alexander MacDonald----Margaret Ann Poole
                                                                     d/o Edward W.  & Katheryn 
                                                                           (MacLellan)  Poole
                                                                              (See Poole)  

                    1. Timothy Alexander MacDonald----Isabelle Marie Micheline Demers

                         a.  Sacha Alexandre MacDonald
                         b.  Emilie Charlotte MacDonald
                        m.  Maxime Olivier MacDonald                      

                    2. Tara Ann MacDonald  ------  Bradley Ian Davies Partington

                          a.  Ewan Alexander Partington
                          b.  Callum Edward Partington

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The MacDonald Family
Of Orangedale,CBI
Malcolm MacIver - Flora MacAulay
1.  Rachel MacIver    --------------------------------Duncan Murray
       b.  ca.  1852   Whycocomagh,                   b.  ca.    1844  Sporting Mountain, Rich Co.
      m.   9 March 1871   Whycocomagh, CBI.
      d.                                                                  d. 
     His parents were Donald and Catherine Murray                                

1.  Malcolm John Murray  ------------------------------Elizabeth Sutherland
      b.  22 June 1873                                               b.  26 Apr. 1872
     m.  12 Feb.  1896  Bridgeville, Pic. Co. NS.
     d.  9 Feb.  1953  New Glasgow, NS.                d.    2 Nov. 1957
     b.  12 Feb.1953  Bridgeville Cemetery.           b.   5  Nov. 1957.. Bridgeville Cemetery, Pic. Co. CBI. 
     Her parents were John and Margaret Sutherland of Lochaber, Guys. CO. NS  He was a blacksmith.
     His father was listed as a miner at the time of the marriage
    They lived in Lyons Brook, Pic. Co. NS
 d..  Jean Murray  -----------------------------A. Earle  MacLean
a.  Duncan Murray    b.   Jan. 1897
b.  Evan Sutherland Murray----------------------------------------Elsie Lawrence
       b.     May 1900--Stellarton, Pic. Co. NS                            b.  ca.  1902---England
      m.  2 Oct. 1930--
      d.                                                                                         d. 
      Her parents were George Lawrence and May Newbound
      He was listed an working for CNR as a section man at time of marriage.
c.  Margaret Murray    b.  25 Feb. 1910
2.  Elizabeth Murray  ....................... .............................Philip Kennedy.
       b.   25 Feb.  1875   -Orangedale, CBI                       b.   13 Nov. Westville, NS
      m.   25 May  1901.. Bridgeville, Pic. Co.. NS 
      d.    19 Sep.  1945 . Westville, NS.                            d.  29 Dec. 1953  New Glasgow, NS
      Married in the Presbyterian Church, Bridgeville, Pic. Co. NS... Rev J. Sinclair, Presbyterian Ministerkennedy
     He was a son of Hector Kennedy and Jessie MacKinnon  of Westville, Pic. Co. NS.
     Philip was a coal miner.
     They lived on Drummond Road, Westville, NS.
They had one daughter married to a Harry Murray...I don`t know which one.
a.  Irene May Kennedy  ------------------------------------Samuel Kenneth MacIntosh
     b.   9  Apr. 1902--                                                     b.    1902
    m.. 15 Nov. 1927  --
     d.  28 Jan.  1953                                                      d.

    He was a son of John and Catherine MacIntosh of Garden of Eden, Pic. Co. NS.
    Samuel was a meat cutter.
    Married in the United Church by Rev., W. S. Godfrey
b.  Jessie Kennedy
     b.  1905
c.  Rachel Kennedy  --------------------------------------John Preston Carter
      b.                1909                                                              b.  1912
     m.  11 Oct.  1939.. Westville, NS  Rev. M.A. MacMillan, United Church of Canada, Minister
     d.                                                                                        d.
d.  Elizabeth Catherine (Lizzie)  Kennedy
       b.  24 July 1911
e.  Florence Kennedy
       b.  1914
3.     Murdoch Hugh Murray --------------------------------------------Janet Kennedy
         b.    9  May.  1880  -- Orangedale, CBI                                b.  ca.  1885  Thorburn, Pic. Co. NS
        m.  22  Jun.  1910...Thorburn, Pic. Co. NS
        d.    6   Aug.  1960 .. New Glasgow, NS.                              d.
       He was a miner
       She was a daughter of James and Isabel Kennedy of Thorburn, Pic. Co. NS.
        James was a carpenter  and Duncan was a miner.
        Rev. J. A. MacKenzie was the Presbyterian Minister at the wedding.
       1911 Census has them living in Dominion # 6  Glace Bay, CBI.
Son Ralph
4.  Catherine Elizabeth Murray-------------------------------------John Thomas McNaughton
        b. 23 Aug.  1884  Thorburn,  Pic. Co. NS                                   b.  1884  Westville,Pic. Co. NS
       m.  1 July    1905  Thorburn,Pic. Co.NS     Presbyterian Rev. J.A.MacKenzie
        d.                                                                                                d.  27 Oct. 1965
       Buried in Haliburton Cemetery, Pictou Co.NS.
        He was a son of Peter and Medley McNaughton. Farmer in Stellarton, Pic. Co.NS

5.  Florence (Flossie) A. Murray  -------------------------------------John H. MacNeil
       b.    14 Jun. 1890..Orangedale,CB                                        b...27 June 1884  Thorburn, NS
      m.    29 Feb. 1916  Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Pictou, NS.
      d.     24 May  1964..Riverton, Pic. Co. NS                             d.  25  Oct.   1930
     He was a son of Lauchlin and Margaret MacDonald