John--son of Charles "Tearlach Og " MacKinnon & Mary Gillis 
John married Effie MacDonald and had three children. John died in Scotland about 1840.His wife also passed away in  Isle of Skye, Scotland

1.  Margaret MacKinnon----------------------------------Donald Munro--The Australian Connection

    They were both from Skye and emigrated to Australia, where, the story goes,                       they had a large family.

    December 19, 2005---email from Colleen McAllister, from Australia, who is going to give       information on these cousins.

2.  Donald MacKinnon-----------------------------Christena MacDonald

     They emigrated to PEI  in 1858
3.  Sarah MacKinnon-

    Sarah, probably emigrated with Donald and his wife.
    She never married and died in Brooklyn, PEI

2.  Donald MacKinnon--------------------------Christena (Christy) MacDonald
b.                    1820                              b.  1824
e.                    1858                              e.  1858
d.                    1872                              d.   1909---age 85 
There is a grave stone at Valleyfield, PEI that has
                           Donald MacKinnon
                             Nov. 21, 1872
                                    AE 50
                         A native of Isle of Skye
                         Scotland, Emigrated to
                           this Island in 1858
B .  Catherine (Kate) (Kitty) MacKinnon---unmarried
               --Lived with Capt. Malcolm Murchison  and his family in Clyde River,PEI.Capt.
                 Murchison was married to Catherine MacDonald of Kilmuir,Skye. She was                               Christy's sister-- Kitty's aunt. They moved from Australia to PEI.
A. Flora MacKinnon--------------Angus MacPherson
      b.  17 March 1848              b.
     m.  14 Dec.   1872
     d.                 1929 

    1.  Donald Hector MacPherson
    2.  Lizzie  MacPherson
    3.  Christie Sarah MacPherson 
C.  John Donald MacKinnon------------Jessie MacKenzie--fm Brooklyn,PEI

       1.  John Hector MacKinnon--- Died young
       2.  Hugh MacKinnon--------------Alexandra MacDonald

              a.  Florence Margaret MacKinnon-----------
              b.  John Donald MacKinnon-------------------Isabel Mary Maude MacLeod
                     1. Sandra MacKinnon---Peter Boswell
                     2. Susan MacKinnon
                     3. Johann MacKinnon
                     4. Hughena MacKinnon 

              c.  Katherine Jessie MacKinnon-------------

       3.  Sarah Catherine MacKinnon---
       4.  Malcolm Donald MacKinnon---    
D.  Margaret MacKinnon----------------John Cousins, fm Pownal,PEI
       1.  Christena Cousins
       2.  Nicholas Cousins
       3.  Chloe Cousins

John was from Arlington Heights, Mass.
E.  Donald D. MacKinnon--------------Margaret MacPherson
         b.  1859-Grandview,PEI           b.1861-Valleyfield,PEI
         d.  1925                                   d.1932

Margaret MacPherson was a grand-daughter of Malcolm "Tearlach Og MacKinnon

         1.  Donald MacKinnon Jr. ---------------Sadie Whiteway

                 a.  Donald "Dan" Alexander MacKinnon
                 b.  Florence Margaret MacKinnon
                 c.  Robert Stanley MacKinnon
                 d.  Albert Sydney MacKinnon
 2.  Mary Anne MacKinnon
 3.  Alexander MacKinnon
 4.  Christie MacKinnon
 5.  John Hector MacKinnon
 6.  Sadie MacKinnon
F. Christena (Christy) MacKinnon---------John Essons

         1.  Cora Essons

        John was from Cambridge, Mass
G.  John Hector MacKinnon----last heard from in Australia in 1890
H.  Malcolm A. MacKinnon,MD----------Eva Finnie
      b.                                           b.
He was killed in a motor vehicle accident in 1919
He was a doctor and lived in Sand Point, Idaho

         1.  Malcolm MacKinnon
         2.  John MacKinnon      
I.  Effie MacKinnon------unmarried
    In 1911 she transferred her church membership to New Zealand. She was a governess. She lived the later part of her life in PEI and is buried in Valleyfield Cemetery

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Thanks to Cousins - John,Sandra & Danny MacKinnon for their help
a. Donald Dan Alexander MacKinnon------Rachel Rae Wilma Carver
       b. 6 May 1921                                        b. 14 May  1925
       d. 18 Dec. 1968                                      d.  6 Jan . 2011
1. Lois Florence MacKinnon-----------John Leslie Matheson
a. John Douglas Matheson -----  Kathy Bell
   1. Jennie Lynn Matheson
   2.  Lorrren Jean Matheson
   3.  Gary Matheson

b. Sandra Amy Matheson -----Murray Hickham
   1.  Katherine Mae Hickham
   2.  Stephen John Hickham

c.  James Allen Matheson ----Debra

   1.  Colton Lewis John Matheson

d.  Jeffrey Scott Matheson ---Nena
2.  Cyril MacKinnon  ------
3.  Mary Heather MacKinnon------Gordon MacDonald
a.  Stephen Robert MacDonald --- Patricia  MacQuillan

     1.  Keigan Scott MacDonald
     2.  Liam Donald MacDonald

b.  Philip John MacDonald ----Robyn
4.  Sadie Elizabeth MacKinnon----Infant Death
5.  Dannie MacKinnon --------- Christine Gorman
a.  Daniel Alexander MacKinnon
b.  Christine Sarah MacKinnon
6.  Ruth MacKinnon
7.  Cheryl MacKinnon -------------Kevin Jewell
a.  Kyle Alexander Jewell
b.  Logan Donald Jewell
c.  Joel William Jewell
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