This section is going to deal with, what some of us would consider "The Olden Days".
Canversations with seniors and pictures of the past will be featured here.
These pictures are of a "wood mill"

All winter, when weather allowed, the men, and sometimes the women, would be in the woodlot cutting hardwood.The wood was cut in about 8 foot lenghts and then loaded on a wood sleigh and hauled out of the woods to a spot near the house.Sometimes this distance could be up to a mile.
In the spring, April or May, the woodmill would be hauled to each house and the wood cut into "stove lengths", about 15-16 inchs, then the wood would have to be "split" so it would fit in the stove.

All the neighbors would gather at different houses and all would share in the work, similar to a "bee" which we have all heard of.
Sometimes the owner of the mill would not  get paid in cash but, depending of financial conditions, could be paid in wood.
In some places the mill would be owned by the community, and perhaps this was the forerunner of the CO-OP movement.
In the scenes above,ther smaller picture was taken at our uncles place--John A. MacLellans

We hope to identify the people seen her but have not id'd all yet.
The young man on the left is Peter Alex Ferguson, the big man with his back to the camera is Peter L. MacDonald. The rest we are not sure of, so we will keep working on it

The larger picture was taken at John Archie Fergusons place in Kewstoke.The property is now owned by Sam Pearo.
In this picture we believe the man on the lefty is Willie Nock, next is Danny Campbell, next not sure, next Sandy Ferguson, who lived where Peter L. MacDonald and family later lived.The man in front of the horse in Donald John MacDonald and the older man on the right is Donald Ferguson.
This wood mill had a stationary saw, the "table'" where the log lay would tip back and forth. It would take two men to operate because some of the wood would be harder than some other and the speed of the log going through the saw would need to be controlled so as not to "stall"the motor. The Motor not seen her was a single cylinder.