Dr. Hugh N. MacDonald
        "Dr. Hudy"
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Hugh N. MacDonald----------------------------  (1)  Isabel Harper Cormack
b  21 Aug. 1856                                             b.
d.   3 May  1940                                            d.


                                                            (2)   ---Sarah B. Carmichael
                                                                      b. 11 Dec. 1858
                                                                     d.  29 May 1930
                Son   John Hugh 
                Son   George Grant
Son  Grant             1901 --- 1923
Son  John Hugh     1897--- -1917
In 1937 Dr. Hugh N. wrote a book on his Genealogy.  I copied and am sharing it here.

It is my hope that no one objects. If so, please contact me and I will delete.
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Thanks to Dave McGrath and Mary MacKinnon for providing copies of Dr Hudy's book.
Dr. Hugn N. MacDonald wasa descended from Hugh MacDonald who came from Tiree, Argyleshire, Scotland in 1820.
He first landed at Strait of Canso where he spent his first year on Cape Breton Island.The following year he proceeded further north and was attracted by the beautiful banks of East Lake Ainslie, where he permanently settled down in 1821. He staked out 200 acres and made his home there.

He was married to Ann Campbell, in Scotland. They had a large family, one of whom was Neil MacDonald who married  Breadalbane McKinnon. One of their children was Hugh N. who later bacame Dr. Hugh N. MacDonald.

This information was found in a book "History of Inverness County Nova Scotia"  by J.L. MacDougall
The book "History of Inverness County Nova Scotia  by  J.L. MacDougall, can be found at this web site:

The two pages below were taken from the 16 October 2013 edition of the Inverness Oran.

Permission to reprint was obtained from Rankin MacDonald of The Oran and Dr. Jim St. Clair,writer and historian.

There is an overlap in the pages as one page was too long for my scanner.

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The following obituary was given to us by Dave McGrath..Thanks, Dave