2.  Murdock MacKinnon------------------------1 st   Sarah MacDonald
      b. 19 Jan. 1847                                           b.  ca 1848 - Head of Montague,PEI
      d.  16 Jan. 1929                                          d.
     Murdock was a shoemaker
          A.  Archibald MacKinnon - Heatherdale,PEI
                 b.  25 July 1876
          B.  Adam A. MacKinnon --- Heatherdale,PEI
                 b. 1880
                 d. 1881

     Murdock MacKinnon------------------------2 nd  Flora Ross  
                                                                         b.              1866
                                                                         d.  20 Jan. 1899 --Age 32
           A.  Flora Sarah MacKinnon
                  b.  27 June 1886--Heatherdale,PEI
                  d.  16 April 1911- Age 24

       Murdock MacKinnon-------------------------3 rd   Flora MacPherson -- 
                                                                            b.  15 April  1850
                                                                            d.  17 Jan. 1929

           A.  William Donald MacKinnon
                 b.  8 Aug. 1891 ------Heatherdale, PEI 
                 d. 25 Nov. 1915-------WW 1        
A trip to PEI and another look at Jonathan MacKinnons notes and we can now fill in Charles and descendants.
Thanks to Preston MacDonald, Catherine MacKay and Harold MacLeod for their help.
Charles MacKinnon, son of Tearlach Og, married in Skye to Mary Cameron came to PEI in 1840

Charles MacKinnon---------------------------Mary Cameron
      b.  ca.       1778                                                 b.
      e.               1840
      d.   1 Jan. 1854                                        d. 
A.  William MacKinnon------------------Catherine MacQueen
     b.   abt.  1813--Sinzort--Skye         b.            1820
     e.           1840                              e.             1840
     d.  3 Jan. 1886                              d. 18 July  1904                 age 73 Yrs                                    age 84 Yrs  
2.  Murdoch MacKinnon------------Married three times.
      b.  19 Jan.   1847                See below  
      e.               1840 ?
       Lived in Heatherdale,PEI   
4.  Adam MacKinnon-----------unmarried
     b.  20 Oct. 1851
     e.              1840 ?
     d.  13 Oct. 1924
     Lived in Heatherdale all his life--He was a carpenter.
     He is likely the cousin that Jonathan talks about in his  report on his   visit to PEI in 1896.
    The 1911 Census shows him as been 58,not 60, as he would be.
3.  Charles MacKinnon------------??????????
      b.  9 Oct. 1850
      Lived in Heatherdale  
1.  John MacKinnon-----------
      b.              1841
       Jonathans notes state that he lived in Kilmuir, PEI
       Jonathan states that he was born in 1860

5.  Mary MacKinnon-------------Donald Ross
     b.  28 Dec.  1853              b.
     d.                                    d.     
7.  Flora MacKinnon--------------Norman MacPherson
     b.           1858                    b.
      d.                                     d.
     They lived in Eldon,Belfast,PEI--No children                   
6.  Malcolm MacKinnon---------------Maude Edwards
      b.  2 Feb. 1857                      b.
      m.  24 Dec. 1889
      d.                                          d.
      Maude was from Cannington,Ont.
      He was a minister 
8.  John " Og" MacKinnon----------????????????
      b.  1860           
       He was a minister in Ontario.  
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1. John MacKinnon------------------Catherine (Kate) Campbell
       b.  ca  1841                           b.   ca  1846
       m.  22 Oct. 1880
       d.   26 Oct. 1912                    d.  4 Oct. 1905
John was a storekeeper and a farmer.
They were married in Valleyfield,PEI by Rev. Alex Munro.
Catherine was born in Kendrum,Kilmuir,Skye.
They were buried in Valleyfield Cemetery, PEI.
A.  Malcolm Campbell MacKinnon,MD-----------Christine MacLeod
        b. 31 Oct. 1881 - Kilmuir                               b. 
       m. 21 Jan. 1911 - Pocatello,Idaho
       d.  10 Aug. 1941
B.  Catherine (Katie) Ann MacKinnon----------Daniel Roland MacPherson
        b.  20 Feb.  1883 - Kilmur PEI                  b.  1 Dec. 1870
         d.   4 Jan. 1919                                       d. 28 May 1954
      Buried In Valleyfield Cemetery.
C.  Sarah MacKinnon--------------------------Mr. Fales
        b.  12 June 1884- Kilmuir,PEI        b.

D.  Mary Elizabeth MacKinnon-------------Alexander (Alex) MacKenzie
       b.  27 Sept. 1887                               b.  21 Sept.  1915
        d.   6  Aug. 1947                               d.  23 Dec. 1973
       They farmed at Glen Martin,PEI
        Both buried in Montague Community Cemetery
3.  Charles MacKinnon-------------------------------------Jessie Matheson
        b.    9 Oct. 1850--Heatherdale, PEI                 b. 15 March 1851
       m.  31 Dec. 1874 
        d.              1933                                              d.                1936
    Jessie was a daughter of Malcolm Matheson and Christy MacPherson

        A. William Charles MacKinnon----------
             b.  7 June 1875

B.  Christine Ann MacKinnon
         b.  7 June 1878
C.  Malcolm C. MacKinnon
         b.  10 Oct.  1882
         d.                                   Died in Vancouver, BC

D.  Adam Fraser MacKinnon
         b.  2 Feb. 1884  Heatherdale,PEI
         d. 20 Feb. 1958 - Buried in Valleyfield Cemetery

E. Catherine (Katie) Jessie MacKinnon---------Murdock Roderick MacLeod
         b.  6 June 1886                                       b.  20 Dec. 1883
         d. 9 Jan. 1973                                         d.  29 July 1973

F.  Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) MacKinnon--------------James A. Fatt
          b.  26 Jan. 1891                                          b.
          d.                                                               d.
    James was from Hartford, Conn. Sgt.US Army
    Lizzie and four daughters lived at Adams early 30's
           1. Janet Fatt
           2. Alice Fatt
           3. Laura Fatt
           4. Arlene Fatt
           Girls are all married in USA

G.  Maude Helen MacKinnon
           b.  16 April 1893
           d.               1942--Cambridge, Mass-----Buried in Valleyfield Cemetery

H.  John William MacKinnon
           b.   7 May  1885
           d. 18 Aug. 1918  -- WW 1 Age 33     

4.  Adam MacKinnon
      b.  20 Oct. 1851 Heatherdale,PEI
      d.  13 Oct. 1924  Bur. Valleyfield Cemetery
      He was a carpenter. He, we feel, is the Cousin             Adam, that Jonathan talks about.
5.  Mary MacKinnon--------------------Donald Ross
       b.  28 Dec. 1853                      b.            1848
       d.               1943                      d.            1923
    They lived in and are were buried in Valleyfield,PEI
A.  Alexander Ross
       b.  8 Aug. 1879

B. William Ross
     b.  15 Sept. 1881----Valleyfield, PEI
C.  Rachel Ross
       b.  1 Jan. 1884-------Valleyfield, PEI
D.  Catherine Ross
      b.  11 April 1886------Valletfield,PEI
E.  Daniel Ross
      b.  18 Oct.  1888-------Valleyfield, PEI
F.  Flora Ross
       b.  7 Feb.  1891----Valleyfield, PEI
G.  Malcolm Ross---------------------------------------Bessie Matheson
        b.  19 Jan. 1894-Valleyfield,PEI            b.  22 Sept. 1894 
        d.  23 June 1972                                   d.  2 Aug. 1984
      Bessie was a daughter of John Matheson and Ann MacKinnon
      They lived in Brooklyn, PEI
      They are buried in Valleyfield Cemetery    
H.  John Murdock Ross
        b.  20 May 1898---Valleyfield, PEI
6.  Malcolm MacKinnon------------------------------------Maude H. Edwards
      b.  2 Feb. 1857------Heatherdale, PEI             b.  
     m. 24 Dec. 1889
      d.                                                                  d. 
     Malcolm was a minister.
7.  Flora MacKinnon ---------------------------------Roderick MacKenzie
       b.  1858                                                  b.
       d.                                                           d.
1.  Daniel MacKenzie
       b.        1878
       m.  ?
        d.  ?
8.  John MacKinnon-------------------------Miss White
         b.  1860-Heatherdale, PEI         b.
          d.                                             d.  
a.  John W. MacKinnon ---ca.  1897
       b.  1897--Ontario.
       d.  1930  Age 33 
       He was a minister.

b.  Ruth MacKinnon--------------------J.L. McKilvey, MD
       b.                                          b.
       d.                                          d. 
1. Hugh Alexander MacPherson-----unmarried
     b. 1 Oct. 1910
     d. 1 Feb. 1993  
2.  John Adam MacPherson-------
          b.  3 Oct. 1911
3.  Peter Roland MacPherson
        b.  24 March  1914
        d.  23 Jan.     1986---in Toronto, On
4.  Malcolm Campbell MacPherson
      b.  17 Sept.  1915
      d.                 1980--Detroit, Mich
5.  Ronald Alexander MacPherson
       b.  17 Nov. 1917----Lived in Quinzy, Ma
1.  John Everett MacKenzie----
     b.   9 Sept. 1915
     d. 13 Sept. 1944 -  RCAF Pilot--WW2-- Killed in action.
     Buried in France.
2.  Margaret MacKenzie
      b.    9 Sept. 1915
      d.  29 Sept. 1986
John & Margaret were twins
In Whyte's Book Vol. 1 we find, Charles MacKinnon  # 7595,  emigrating from Isle of Skye in 1840. From the Cape Breton Cousins we have the ship "The Nith" landing in Sydney,CB in Sept 1840 with emigrants and continuing on to PEI the next day.I can find no records of any other ship landing emigrants in 1840 than "The Nith"From this we can assume that this was the ship that Charles emigrated on.
In his book "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation" Donald Whyte Has recorded:---
Pg. 228  # 6584  MACKINNON,William, 1813-3 Jan 1886.From Is Skye,INV To PEI prob<1845:stld Quens Co. m Catherine McQueen,qv.  SPE T28
In a letter to Hugh MacKinnon in 1932,Jonathan states that either Malcolm or John visited in Dunakyn, Cape Breton. He was not sure which it was, except to say "he was a minister"
A. William MacKinnon - Catherine MacQueen
B. Angus MacKinnon
C. John MacKinnon --- Marion Sarah Campbell
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Charles Beag MacKinnon