1.  Malcolm Chisholm-----------------------------------------------Katherine Carmichael
     b.  24 May 1855----------Brook Village Rear, C.B.       b. 11 Aug. 1868-Aberdeen, C.B.
    m.  11 Aug. 1891---------Whycocomagh, C.B.
    d.   26 July  1940--------Brook Village Rear, C.B.        d.  13 July 1946--
Just a note to explain that our relationship to the Chisholms goes back to:
Ann MacKinnon 1828-1894  marrying Colin Chisholm of  Nevada Valley
(See MacKinnon)
Colin Chisholm---------------------------------------------------Ann MacKinnon
  b.   Abt. 1827-Kilmuir,Isle of Skye                         b.  Abt. Oct. 1829-Snizort,Isle of Skye
m.   ??
d.   16 Sept. 1889--Brook Village, C.B.                   d.  7 Sept. 1894--Skye Glen, C.B.
Colin was a son of Donald Paul Chisholm and Mary MacPherson.
Ann was a daughter of Malcolm MacKinnon and Flora MacLeod

1.  Malcolm Chisholm----------------------------------------Katherine Carmichael
    b.  24 May 1855--Brook Village Rear, C.B.       b. 11 Aug. 1868
   m.  11 Aug 1891-
   d.  26 July   1940- Brook Village Rear, C.B.      d.  13 July  1946
   Bur. Skye Glen Cemetery
2.  Alexander (Sandy) Chisholm ----------------------------------------Anna Connor
    b. 23 March 1857-------Brook Village Rear, C.B.
    m.               1890
    d.  2 Feb.     1939-----Agusta, Montana.  
3.  Mary Chisholm------------------------------Warren Thomas
    b.  29 Oct. 1859
   m.              1884
   d.  29 Aug.  1923

   a.  Bertha Thomas  --------------------
   b.  Edna Thomas
   c.  Constance Thomas
  . d.  Louis Thomas 
4.  Dan Hugh Chisholm
    b.  7 July 1862
    d.   ?
5.  Flora Chisholm-------------------------------------------------------Archie Neil MacKinnon
    b.  10 June 1864---------Brook Village Rear, C.B.
   d.               1952
6.  Donald Hugh Chisholm----------------------------Multiple Spouses
    b.  3 Aug.  1866-----Lake Ainslie, C.B.
   d.  21 Feb.  1958------Copeland, Idaho
7.  Malcolm (Young) Chisholm--------------------------Elizabeth Theobald
     b.  15 Sept. 1869------Brook Village, C.B        b.
    m.                1900
    d.    9 March 1924-----Agusta, Montana

8.  Catherine Anne Chisholm
     b.  11 Oct.  1872----Brook Village Rear, C.B.
     d.    6 Oct. 1873-----Brook Village Rear, C.B.
From above
a.  Colin Chisholm
    b.            1893---------Brook Village Rear, C.B.
    d. 16 Jan. 1893--------Brook Village Rear, C.B. 
b.  Anna Chisholm---------------------------------Peter Dahl
    b.  4 Feb. 1894
   m.  19 June 1919--Great Falls, Montana
    d. 15 May 1969---Billings Montana

    1.  Catherine Marie Dahl-----------------Leonard Hobby
       a.  Eugene Hobby
        b.  Sandra Jean Hobby

    2.  Homer Warren Dahl------------------Betty Millar
c.  Christena (Christy Mary) Chisholm---------------------------Dan Alex MacInnes
     b.  21 Oct. 1895
    m.              1931
    d.      Dec.  1984
d.  Florence (Flora Cassie) Chisholm-----------------------------Neil MacLellan
    b.   3 Oct. 1897
   m.             1922
   d.    7 May 1977
e.  Hughena Chisholm---------------------------------------J. Lloyd Anderson
    b.   7 Sept. 1899
   d.   3 July 1980-----Skye Glen, C.B.
f.  Colin Chisholm----------------------------------------------Lorraine Surette
    b.  7 May 1901
   d.   5 July 1980
g.  Peter  Norman Chisholm
   b.  5 Aug. 1902
   d. 12 July 1930----------Sioux Lookout, On
h.  Alexander Angus Chisholm
   b.  15 Sept. 1904
   d.  24 Apr.   1953----Yellowknife,NWT
i.  Daniel Murdoch Chisholm
    b.  9 Sept.  1906
   d. 27  Dec.  1975-------Boston, Mass
j.  Mary Bell (Mabel) Chisholm-----------------------John Archibald Matheson
    b.                                                              b.
    d.                                                             d.
k.  Albert Warren Chisholm------------------------Helen Rebecca Miller
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Inscription reads: Peter Norman Chisholm
                          July 18, 1930
                           Aged 27 Yrs
                          Baby Brother Jan. 6 1898
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Tombstone at Skye Glen Cemetery
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a.  Carole Margaret Chisholm
b.    2 Oct.  1913                                       b.
m. 18 Aug. 1942
d.    9 Feb. 1991                                        d.
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