Back in December 2005,I was "fiddlin'" around on the internet  and knowing that some of our MacKinnons went to Australia, I went to "Australia" on Google and after some scrolling came across a MUNRO CLAN web site.

Knowing that we had a cousin, Margaret MacKinnon, that had married a Don Munro on The Isle of Skye, I wrote a note to the web master and Chief of the Munro Clan in Australia asking for his assistance in locating our cousins.

If I were to meet him in person, I'm sure he would have laughed out loud at me, because he informed me that what I was looking for was about the longest, long shot he had ever heard of.

However, he told me that the Munro Clan newsletter was going out "tomorrow" and he would put a note in there, just in case, somebody would recognize our ancestors.

Well would you believe.....I got an email from Colleen MacAllister--she was descended fron Duncan Munro--our Donald Munros brother and would put us in contact with descendants of Donalds.

Within the next few days, I got an email from Judy Marks--she was a descendant of Donald Munro and after a few days research she informed us that, we were indeed related.

Judy is in the process of sending us information that will show the connection.

In the meantime, Colleen, introduced us to a Del Smith.  Del is a poet and also had ancestors from Isle of Skye and after reviewing her information, we may have another cousin in Australia.

Another cousin, Jim Munro, sent us pictures of the Memotial Park in Portland. They can be found at

Portland Pioneer Memorial Park

Colleen sent me a copy of Del's poem on Skye and with Del's permission I am putting it here.

They came from Skye one year apart
Those many years ago
To try their luck in a new land
And to see their future grow.

Their journey's were both long and hard
And death was always near.
The fever on board "The Hercules"
Was a very real reason for fear.

"The Georgiana" it lost it's crew
The Captain shot the cook
The stories told of the gold fields
It appears was all that it took.

How dare they, the authorities said,
Leave the Captain without his crew.
Now the troopers have a task ahead
To find That Mutinous Few.

So many weeks had now gone by
With nothing but the sea
From the time they said their sad farewells
When the tears then did run free.

Past history tells of their journey
The reason they all left their homes
It appears the landlords got greedy
And wanted it all for their own.

The oxen carts then took them
To the start of their new life
How lonely and strange from all that they knew
As with husband, children and wife.

A few pounds along with some rations
Enough to last them a year
Was an offer one took as a shepherd
With the hope of his own land to clear.

They shared the land with the natives
At first with no trust in mind
They came from opposite sides of the world
So a kinship was hard to find.

The natives, they worked for the farmer
The women shared all the chores
With one baby after the other
They soon found a common cause.

McDonalds and Munros to name a few
Are the names we carry with pride
With the courage and will they showed us
We don't have a thing to hide.

From kings and queens and Vikings
This island has seen it all
The potato famine along with the sheep
Set the scene for it's tragic fall.

And so they came from this island
With  a history all it's own
What were their thoughts when they left then
Never again to go home.

It didn't take long once I went there
To think of this place as my own
There's a tear in my eye when I think of Skye
And for certain I'm not alone.
Those of us who live in North America can relate to Del's words. We just need to change the names of the ships, ie--"The Hector", "The Nith", "The Jimmy Gibbs" etc.etc.etc. and  also add to the names--MacKinnon,MacPherson,MacPhee, etc.
Del is not on the internet, but if you like her poem send her a note and express your feelings--she would appreciate  hearing from you.

Del Smith
10 Romney Way
Parkwood W.A. 6147

Tell her where you saw her poem.
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Portland Pioneer Memorial Park
Portland Pioneer Memorial Park