b.                   1920  -- Sydney, Cape Breton Island
d.  3 January  1945  ---South East Asia---- Burma-Siam
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        F/L Arthur Harris  
   This picture was taken in Poona,India,Christmas Day, 1943
On April 8 & 15, 2006 - The Cape Breton Post, published two articles by  Floyd Williston, on
Arthur Harris  -  Much of the information here, is from these articles. Thanks to "The Post", and Floyd Williston for permission to use this material. Information to follow.
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                This picture from Frances Murtha - neice of Arthur
Emmaline (sister of Arthur), Mary Ann Mulhern (aunt) , Catherine (mother) and Arthur -in 1942
(Arthur was home on leave before going overseas) - Picture was taken at "the old farm" in Maple Hills, Dunakym,Inv.Co.CBI
Picture of a B-24 Liberator
Same  aircraft F/L Harris
was killed in.
In the April 8th,2006, the Cape Breton Post reported, in part---"Imagine that the date is January 3,1945.A Royal Air Force B-24 Liberator bomber (KH214), from 215 Squadron, has failed to return from a low altitude aerial operation. Its target was the notorious prisoner-built Burma-Siam Death Railway, in South East Asia.

Among the 11 member crew are six Canadians, including the skiper, F/L. C.M. 'Steve' Bridie (Willowdale,Ont.) and his wireless Operator/Air Gunner: F/Lt Arthur Hugh Harris, a well known Sydney native son. He lived at 45 High Street (corner Union) Street prior to joining the RCAF.

Days later the feared telegram is delivered to the Harris residence.
"We regret to inform you that your son Arthur Hugh............"
The family - his father Harding "Hay" Harris , his mother Catherine (MacKinnon) from Dunakym,Inv.Co. sisters Kaye (Chisholm) and Emmaline (Payne) are all deceased now. All went to their Eternal rest  believing that no trace was ever found of Art's aircraft and crew.
The actual site of the crash site and burial place of the crew of KH214 has not been found. However with researcher Matt Poole there is a possibility that the burial place may yet be found.
A member of the same  squadron, Wally Frazer, wrote a book   A Trepid Aviator,  in which he had this to say about Arthur Hugh Harries. Frazer described his idea of a perfect crewmate,' My first choice would be Art Harris, a chubby little guy from Nova Scotia.Everyone calls him 'Chota' - Urdu (language) for small. He's very bright, never without a big grin and a joke. Wouldn't somebody like that be great to have in the crew, and as your roommate?'
'Nobody laughs harder than Chota Hassis.Some guys have faces that invariably look as if they've just received bad news; others always appear angry....But Chota is one of the lucky ones. Even asleep, I expect, his expression would make you think he'd just heard a good joke.'
Arthur Hugh Harris
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