We have made contact with several descendants of Archie B. & Flora so we decided that it would be easier to open a new page for their descendants, than to continue on the first page.
This is a picture of Flora, Archie B. Christine, Jessie, George & John
Archibald (Archie B.) MacLellan    -------       Flora MacDonald
b.   1 Jan.      1876  Bridgend,CBI              b. Sept. 1883 -Blues Mills,CBI.
m. 27 June    1905 in Whycocomagh,CBI.---- Rev Alex  Stewart 
d.                  1955                                     d.          1955 
a.  John MacLellan -------Jessie MacKinnon
a. John
b. George
c. Christene
d. Jessie
e. Nellie
f.  Alice
g. Donald
b.  20 May  1906                       b.  4 Jan. 1920
m.   9 Feb. 1946 
d.    9 Feb. 1874                       d. 24 Sep. 2003 
John & Jessie had  seven children
a. Florence
b. Archie (A.K.)
c. Ann
d.e.f.g.  (4) Children died at birth.
Check their page
b. Archie (A.K.)  MacLellan  lives in B.C. - unmarried
c. Ann MacLellan  
     b.  15 Sep. 1951
     c.  17 June 1972 - Accident
b.  George Archibald MacLellan --------Margaret (Peggy) Strachan
      b.    18 June 1907                           b.              1914
     m.                 1945
      d.                 2000                           d.               2011
George  &  Peggy had four children
a. David
b. Dianne
c. Elaine
d. Robert
George was a contractor and Peggy was a school teacher before marriage. They lived in Halifax,NS.
John farmed "the old farm" until the home burned. They then moved to Blues Mills where they resided until their deaths.
a.  David MacLellan     _________________
b.  Dianne MacLellan  ------ -------------Richard Sandelli    

c.  Elaine MacLellan ------------------
Dianne & Richard have four children and five grand children - list to follow.
d.  Robert MacLellan _______________
c.  Christene MacLellan -------------Wiley Scribner
      b.                                               b.
       d.                                              d.

     Christene & Wiley had two daughters

         a.  Anne Scribner
         b.  Mertie Scribner

d.  Jessie MacLellan   ----------  Harold MacKinnon
      b.  27  Nov.  1909                  b. 1896
      d.             1999                     d. 1965

     Jessie & Harold had five children

         a.  Ruth MacKinnon
         b.  Eva MacKinnon
         c.  Jean MacKinnon
         d.  Robert MacKinnon
         e.  Harvey  MacKinnon  

        a.  Ruth MacLellan  ------   Joseph Hans
               b. 1933                            b. 1929
            d. 2006                            d. 2004

            Ruth & Joseph had no children.  

        b.   Eva MacKinnon ------------Louis Malozi
                 b.                                   b.
                 d.                                   d.

               Eva & Louis had six children.

                 1.   Carol  Jean Malozi
                 2.   Dawn Louise Malozi
                 3.   Kevin Louis Malozi
                 4.   Susan Lorraine Malozi
                 5.   Mark Christopher Malozi
                 6.   Rachel Lyn Malozi

                 1.   Carol Jean Malozi   -----   Gregory Logdson 
                         b.  1954
                         d.  1995

                        a.  Kristin Flynn    -----   Patrick Beres

                              1.  Evan Christopher Flynn
                              2.  Nicholas Matthew Beres
                              3.  Carly Lynn Beres
                              4.  Hannah Noelle Beres 

                       b.  Corey Shane Logdson
                       c.  Travis Kyle Logdson 

                 2.   Dawn Louise Malozi 

                 3.   Kevin Louis Malozi  ------- Roxanne Willey

                 4.   Susan Lorraine Malozi -------  Dennis Marshall

                 5.   Mark Christopher Malozi 

                 6.   Rachel Lyn Malozi Thompson ------ 
                         a. Brice Van Thompson

c.   Jean MacKinnon  --------  Roy Perkinson

      Jean & Roy had two children

       1.    Stephen Perkinson  -------   Heather Karrick
                 Stephen & Heather have two children.
                          a. Aiden Perkinson
                          b. Neil Perkinson

       2.    David Perkinson 

d.   Robert MacKinnon  ----  Linda Jones
         Robert & Linda have three children

      1. Keith MacKinnon ------  Jennifer Abrams
             Keith & Jennifer have four children
                         a. Cody MacKinnon
                         b. Samantha MacKinnon
                         c. Brady MacKinnon
                         d. Marina MacKinnon

      2.  Melanie MacKinnon  ----   Randy Bowers
              Melanie & Randy have two children
                          a. Peyton Bowers
                          b. Kasey Bowers

      3.   Wendy MacKinnon  ----  
               Wendy has two children
                           a.  Logan Johnson
                           b.  Hailey Wilson

e.  Harvey MacKinnon   ------   June Jones
            Harvey & June have two children

       1.  Dawn MacKinnon  --  Jason Faro
              a. Jason Dennis Faro Jr. "JD"
              b.  Jasmine Faro

       2.  Scott MacKinnon  ----  Ellen Schartner

Thanks to Dawn for her help.
e.  Nellie MacLellan  ----------  Roderick (Roddie) Livingstone
        Nellie & Roddie had four children

          1.  Carol Livingstone
          2.  Judy Livingstone
          3.  David Livingstone
          4.  Alice Livingstone

g.  Donald MacLellan  --   Sarah (Sally) Viney
        Donald & Sally had eight children

        1. Patricia MacLellan
        2. Jennifer MacLellan
        3.  Robert MacLellan
        4.  Marlene MacLellan
        5.  Alan MacLellan
        6.  Lorraine MacLellan 
        7.  Terrance MacLellan  
        8.  Andrew MacLellan

        1.  Patricia MacLellan  -------  Derek Williams
                 Patricia & Derek had two children

                 a.  Paul Williams ----- Maggie Wade
                 b.  Louise Williams ---Spike (Alan) Braine
                           1. Jake Braine

        2.  Jennifer MacLellan ------  Tony Borzi

        3.  Robert Maclellan   -------  Carol Dennett  (1)
                 Robert & Carol had two children

              a.  Nikki MacLellan 
              b.  Timothy MacLellan 

              Robert MacLellan---------   Janet ??????  

        4.  Marlene MacLellan -----------  Patrick Roche

        5.  Alan MacLellan  -------------  Stephanie Taylor  (1) 
                                        ------------- Susan Woodhouse (2)
                  a.  Annika MacLellan

         6.  Lorraine MacLellan  -------John Stewart Gauld (1)

                   a. Stewart Gauld

                   b. Michelle Gauld -------Alister Grice

                          1. Callum Grice
                          2. Thomas Grice 

                   c.  Emma Gauld

              Lorraine MacLellan --------  Anthony Winning  (2)
              Lorraine MacLellan --------  Moncif Majdaoui   (3) 

         7.  Terrance MacLellan --------  Karen Gardiner

                    a.  Candice MacLellan
                    b.  Tiffany MacLellan

         8.   Andrew MacLellan 

f.  Alice MacLellan   ---------------------------   Ian MacDonald
   b.       ca. 1919                                              b
   d.  7 Aug. 2011                                             d. 

         1.  Darryl MacDonald  ---   Bonnie
         2.  Grant MacDonald  ----   Susan 
         3.  Janet MacDonald   ---   Brian Alexander

Thanks to Tiffany for her help.
Thanks to Lorraine for her help.
Any information received would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to have pictures, stories or anything else that would help make this site interesting. 
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        This picture was taken about  1950 
at the South Side - Wilburn, Cape Breton Island
For the record:

N.S. Genealogy has this on record: 

1)  Reg.Yr. 1876  Book 1815  Pg. 49  # 419

     Archibald McLellan b. 20 June 1876 - at Bridgend,Inv.Co.N.S.
     Parents John McLellan/Christy McLennan they were married 15 March 1869
     John was a farmer at Bridgend,Inv.Co.NS 

2)  Reg Yr. 1905  Book 1825  Page 199 # 26

     June 27th 1905 - at Whycocomagh,Inv.Co.NS By Licence - the marriage of
     Archibald B. McLellan age 29  Bachelor Miner
     Florence D. McDonald age 22  Spinster  
     Archibald lived in Dominion,Cape Breton
     Florence lived in Blues Mills,Cape Breton
     Archie's parents were John & Christy  McLellan- Farmer
     Flora's parents were John & Jessie MacDonald  - Farmer
     Sam Nicholson - Archie's sister's husband  and
     John R. McLellan - Archie's brother were the attendants. 

3)  Reg Yr. 1955 Book 1955 Page 2401

     Death at Sydney City Hospital - om March 29, 1955
     Archibald MacLellan - lived five years in at Westmount North,Sydney,CBI.
     Date of Birth (was recorded here as 1 Jan. 1876 )
     Died from Cardio Vascular Disease
     Funeral at Whycocomagh,CBI on March 31,1955
     Parents were not listed although information supplied by Mrs Ian MacDonald (Alice)

4)  Reg Yr. 1955 Book 1955 Page 3711

     Death at home - Westmount North,Sydney,CBI.
     Flora MacLellan 
     Date of birth recorded here as Sept. 8,1882    72 yrs.7mths.25 days
     Father - John MacDonald
     Mother - Jessie Ferguson
     Died from Cingestive Heart Failure/Cardio Vascular Disease.
     Funeral at Whycocomagh,CBI. on May 6,1955
     Information supplied by Mrs Ian MacDonald (Alice)  

Looking for information on Flora's people.
I asked Alfa Forbes (Nicholson) one time  about the older generation. She told me this about Archie B "Archie B was one of the most gentle men I ever knew. Never swore or spoke harsh words. Worked hard every day,on the farm,in the woods or whatever. He was always helping out the neighbors. He never got mad."
Son Donald had this to say about his father:
"Dad worked in the coal mines in Glace Bay before buying the farm at Wilburn. I don't know the year as it was before I came on the scene. Dad left the farm to Johnny when he and Mom moved to Sydney with Alice and Ian (Alice was a daughter). Johnny lived there for some years before Wiley, Christine's husband (Christene was another daughter), bought the old MacLean place up Cameron Road for Johnny, the one that burnt down before he moved to Blues Mills. He and Jessie lived there until their deaths."

"Dad was a lovely man that would do anything for any one. He always had time to talk and help, and when I was small would make me little wagon's and sleighs. I would love to go fishing on the Bras d'Or lakes on the ice or in the boat when the ice was gone.That sure was cold in the winter, sitting in the ice gigging for cod, mitts all frozen, much nicer running the nets in summer or spearing eels, all good food."

"Mom was his right arm, so to speak. Was always there for him, always had food ready on the table, which at times was hard to get. So fish and deer meat played a big part in our survival. But she was a good cook when she had the necessary ingredients"

"They both loved to go to church either over to Whycocomagh or Orangedale - some days both. Dad was an elder in the church, and used to supply the wood for the church fire
and get the fire started on Sunday mornings."

" Getting the winter fire wood in the home was a big thing, getting it sawed up after it was all hauled home. Also Dad and Johnny used to do a lot of pit props, etc. so all in all it was quite a hard life for Dad and Mom. No washing machines or chain saws in those days - just pure graft"

Special thanks to Donald for this information. Greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Kristin  for her input to this family.
Kristin and Nelson are 2nd cousins twice removed.
 Some statistics were found at:

   Jean & Nelson 
are second cousins
Archie B. & Flora MacLellan
Members of the family told me that Archie B. and his brother Neil A., while working in the coal mines, of Glace Bay, CBI. set a record for shovelling coal on one  shift.

Unfortunately proof of the record was lost in a fire at the Museum in Glace Bay, CBI

They were great workers, brought up on a farm in Roseburn,CBI

Their brother John Rory was left the old farm, which is no longer in the family.