Ships from Scotland to Canada - Sept 1840
Reference books used--A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation
                                     Donald Whyte,F.H.G.,F.S.G.
                                      Volumes' 1 - 2 - 3  
                                     Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867   
                                     Leonard H. Smith Jr. & Norma H. Smith
Our MACKINNONS  emigrated to Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island in 1840 aboard the "NITH". The "Rather" also came over at about the same time.

I am trying to list as many persons as I can that are reported to have come at the same time.

In no way is this list proported to be official. There does not seem to be an official list available

                                 This list can be used as a guide only.
  1 -   7566 -  MACKINNON,  Alexander   Skye,   Charles "Og" & Mary GILLIS-               PEI  
Book #      #            Name                     From               Parents Names                           To         Spouse    
1 -   7576 -  MACKINNON,  Anne           Skye,    Lachlan M. & Anne MACDONALD         PEI      Angus MacPherson
1 -   7595 -  MACKINNON, Charles        Skye,    Charles "Og" & Mary GILLIS               PEI 
1 -   7671 -  MACKINNON,  Lachlan       Skye,    Charles "Og" & Mary GILLIS                CBI      Anne MacDonald
1 -  7679 -   MACKINNON, Malcolm        Skye,    Charles "Og" & Mary GILLIS               PEI
1 -  7681 -   MACKINNON, Malcolm        Skye,    Lachlan M. & Anne MACDONALD       CBI       Flora MacLeod
1 -              MACKINNON,  Ann               Skye     Malcolm  &  Flora MACLEOD              CBI
1 -              MACKINNON,  Malcolm        Skye     Lachlan M. & Anne MACDONALD        CBI
1 -             MACKINNON,  Ewen             Skye     Lachlan M. & Anne MACDONALD        CBI 
1 -              MACKINNON,  Angus            Skye     Malcolm  & Flora MACLEOD
There are many omisions to this list - My GreatGrand Uncle Peter's obituary states that he came  at the same time but is not listed in any books that I have viewed.  MacKinnon